Estate residents in fear of street louts

Bishopsgate, off Garstang Road and on the edge of Grange Park
Bishopsgate, off Garstang Road and on the edge of Grange Park
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NEIGHBOURS say they are living in fear after louts began plaguing their street.

The situation has deteriorated so much on Bishopsgate Close in Grange Park the police and housing association Regenda Group have now called a public meeting.

It comes following reports of fighting, drug dealing and sexual activity in the street as well as a cat being shot with an air rifle.

Mother-of-one Marta Urban said the trouble really started to increase about eight months ago.

The 39-year-old added: “There is a big problem with alcohol and drugs.

“There is fighting in the street and loud music which keeps us awake. Sometimes my son doesn’t feel safe.

“The last eight months have been terrible.”

Residents are now being urged to keep a diary log of incidents and are being invited to attend a meeting to discuss issues on September 12.

Neighbour Peter Sims, 34, said: “You see a lot of unsavoury characters coming and going. There is loud music at all hours and people taking drugs.

“When the cat got shot we were worried for our own dog. When I put her out in the garden now I keep an eye on her.

“We’ve lived here for six years and it’s been a very nice, quiet street. We pay a service charge – £200 a year – for everything to be kept nice. But now there’s a police car or ambulance on the street a couple of times a week.”

PCSO Jason Pritchard, from the neighbourhood policing team, said no crimes had been formally reported to the police but officers were aware of issues on the street.

He said: “We have been working with the housing association in the area to try and encourage people to come forward and report any issues they have.

“We have also set up this meeting so people can come along to discuss any problems they have with us face to face.

“Anyone who does have any concerns about any issues in the area can contact the neighbourhood policing team.”

Linda Holme, anti-social behaviour officer for the Regenda Group, added: “The Regenda Group is committed to taking action, both in preventing and tackling anti-social behaviour, and so we are working closely with the police to address concerns raised informally by residents in the Bishopsgate area.

“Residents have been encouraged to complete diary sheets to record any incidents they may witness.

“We are attending the residents’ meeting to enable them to discuss any issues or problems they may have, with both ourselves and the police.”