Third of homes bought in Blackpool are second homes or buy-to-let

Rightmove set to fall out of FTSE100?
Rightmove set to fall out of FTSE100?
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One-in-three houses bought last year in Blackpool were purchased as second homes or properties to rent out - the highest proportion across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

According to data from the revenue and customs office, second home buyers - including property investors and landlords buying houses to rent out - were undeterred by new taxes on extra properties.

Last year 34 per cent of the properties sold in Blackpool were classified as second homes. Around 880 were bought in the financial year 2017-18, with a combined value of £91 million.

That’s despite an extra three per cent stamp duty charge on additional properties, introduced in April 2016 as part of a government effort to deter buy-to-let landlords, property investors and second home owners.

In England, almost one in four properties bought last year were classified as second homes.

Around 232,000 second homes were bought, with an estimated value of more than£70 billion.

The number bought last year in Blackpool has increased by 13 per cent since 2016-17, when around 780 second homes were purchased.

The National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations, said it was concerned about the long-term impact that buying extra properties has on local communities.

Policy leader Will Jeffwitz said: “In any community, if more homes are bought up as second homes then there are fewer available for residents - and the houses left are more unaffordable.”

He added: “If families and young people are priced out of their local communities it can have a hugely demanding impact on community life - with village shops, schools and pubs closing in alarming numbers as a result.”