Teams worked through the night

Council gritting teams have been in action
Council gritting teams have been in action
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Gritting teams have been out in full force over the past few days to keep Blackpool’s main routes ice-free as temperatures plunged below freezing.

Between Saturday and Sunday 30 tonnes of grit was spread as the council responded to worsening weather conditions.

Gritters were first deployed on Friday evening for a routine treatment and were prepared for continuous gritting through Saturday into Sunday.

Four vehicles were sent out on each shift, with back up on standby if it was needed.

A council spokesperson said: “During Saturday into Sunday a triple shift standby rota was in place if required.

“The main network was treated and retreated following a brief period of sleet between 11pm on Saturday and 1am on Sunday, with all routes considered protected at 4am.

“Up to the minute radar information indicated the snow was not going to reach our region.

“Sunday and Monday nights were routine treatments for frost and ice.”

After a rise in temperatures, further gritting is not expected tonight.

Around 15 tonnes of grit was spread per shift on Friday, Sunday and Monday nights, with 30 tonnes spread on Saturday night going into Sunday