South Shore group aims to clean up area

South Beach Beacons carrying out their tidy up of the area
South Beach Beacons carrying out their tidy up of the area
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South Beach residents and business people are stepping up to support Blackpool’s street cleaners in keeping their part of the resort clean.

They have established a clean-up team to pick up litter, to wash the windows of empty shops and to get rid of weeds around the streets.

The team is part of the South Beach Beacons group and meets every Wednesday between from 3pm to 4 pm starting in Bond Street.

The leader of the Clean-Up Team, Geoff Moore of the Canberra Hotel, said: “Everyone complains about rubbish and dog poo, our group believe that it’s important to put effort in to change the things we don’t like.

“Our street cleaners are fabulous, Blackpool starts every day off with a clean slate because of their hard work, but the litter builds up quickly during visitor times or as litter blows around from seagull opened bin bags. Bond Street definitely looked far better after our clean up.

“We’d love to expand the clean-up area, and clean up every afternoon not just Wednesdays, to do this we’ll need more volunteers. We can make the area into the area we want to live in if we all just contribute an hour or two.”