Residents clash over plans for their Blackpool street

Town Hall chiefs had to make a decision after residents clashed
Town Hall chiefs had to make a decision after residents clashed
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Town hall chiefs have backed down on plans to gate off an alley way following a battle between residents over the scheme.

Blackpool Council had proposed to install alley gates restricting access to a passage between Arnold Avenue and Broadway in South Shore.

The move was in response to a request from a resident who was concerned about anti-social behaviour happening in the alley.

Following consultation with local households, a petition in favour of closing off the route attracted 41 signatures, while a petition against the move was signed by 39 people.

Council officers then carried out their own consultation after finding some of the same signatures appeared on both petitions.

This also came out in favour of installing the alley gates.

However crime statistics for the area found only one burglary could be blamed on the lack of gates, and the council decided not to go ahead with the gating order.

A council report said: "Additionally, the crime figures for this area do not show anti-social behaviour to be as prevalent as first thought.

"To impose an alley gate scheme with this level of opposition would be inappropriate despite the potential to to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime experienced in the area."

Alley gates have been used successfully around Blackpool to restrict access to the rear of properties, helping to reduce the risk of crimes such as burglary and fly-tipping.

They are funded out of ward councillors budgets. The gates are locked with only those residents whose properties back onto the alleys given keys in order to access the area.