‘People use bins when pavements are all full!’

Fly tipping on the Moss (picture taken by Mark Nelson)
Fly tipping on the Moss (picture taken by Mark Nelson)
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Council bosses have vowed to get tough with fly tippers as yet more piles of abandoned rubbish blight the Fylde coast.

A settee, bed parts and chairs are among items that have recently been left by the side of roads, causing problems for drivers and cyclists – and leaving councils to pay for their removal.

Keen cyclist Mark Nelson said the huge increase in the amount of rubbish dumped at the side of rural roads was ‘endemic’ to society.

He said: “It’s an unbelievable amount of fly-tipping, and it’s not just the odd chair or settee, we’re talking entire skip loads.

“I do a lot of cycling and driving around the highways of the parish and it’s become really prevalent. This is ingrained in society.

“It’s a case of use the bins when the pavement’s full. It’s endemic, and it’s a disgrace.”

Mr Nelson, of Smithy Lane, Ansdell, said some of the tipped rubbish was becoming a danger, as it was being dumped in the passing points of Fylde’s narrow roads.

He said he had seen rubbish on Wild Lane, known as The Moss, and on link roads between Lytham and Ansdell leading to the M55.

The 54-year-old has reported the rubbish to Fylde Council, but says once it had been cleaned up, more is dumped.

Official figures reveal there were 336 fly tipping cases in Fylde in 2011/12, a fall on the previous year.

But Phil Dent, Fylde council’s principal officer for the environmental protection team said: “We have noted the increase in fly tipping over recent weeks and it is the intention to install cameras.

“Unfortunately due to remoteness of the area it has been difficult to hide them from view at the lay-bys and tipping points. We too are very frustrated at the increase in the these types of incidents and that people are getting away with it but can assure you that despite limited resources we investigate and follow through all incidents.”