Makeover for eighteenth century road bridge

An aerial view of Garstang
An aerial view of Garstang
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A narrow bridge built in the 18th century to take horsedrawn traffic into Garstang is to get a 21st century make-over – to boost safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Moss Lane bridge, Garstang, is one of the town’s “honk and drive slowly” bridges where many local drivers press their car horns and take an ultra-cautious approach when driving over the blind summit apex.

Calls for safety features at the bridge, where there is no pavement for pedestrians, have been made many times.

A suggestion that a pedestrian footbridge be created alongside the bridge (similar to the pedestrian bridge immediately next to the nearby Kepple Lane road crossing) has been rejected on price grounds as it would cost £300,000-plus.

Following safety concerns expressed by Garstang Town Council, highway chiefs have recently placed safety signs on both sides of the bridge, which links the two sections of Moss Lane divided by the Lancaster Canal.

Some drivers say they have not noticed the signs while others have commented that they are too far away from the inclines on both sides of the bridge for drivers to take note, prompting suggestions that the signs should be moved slightly.