Litter-buster enforcers all set for start date

Litter louts will now be in the sporlight
Litter louts will now be in the sporlight
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D-day is looming for litter louts and people who allow their dogs to foul public places.

New enforcers approved by Wyre Council this summer are due to start before the end of this month.

The 12-month pilot scheme will see District Enforcement Ltd, a firm of specialist enforcement providers, taking to the streets of Wyre.

They will be armed with body-worn, high definition cameras to film footage of wrong-doing in all cases where notices are handed out.

Fines dished out for littering will be increased to £100 from the current £75, with an early payment option for littering set at £80 within 10 days – up from the current £50. The penalty for dog fouling will stay at £100.

Wyre is keen to tackle these kinds of lower-level environmental offences, particularly with the public getting fed-up with mess and rubbish on the streets.

It was revealed this year that there had only been five penalty notices issued because of dog fouling in Wyre in the 14 months previous to June.

Wyre says the scheme is not about raising revenue, as District Enforcement will keep most of the money brought in by charges.

The council will keep just 12.5 per cent.

Coun Simon Bridge said the public would notice a difference with the hard-hitting scheme – and it could be expanded.

He said: “It is envisaged that other measures may be introduced as the partnership becomes more established.

“District Enforcement will manage the fixed penalty notice process with regard to issuing, tracking, complaints resolution and financial management. It will run initially for 12 months.”