Giant fish Napoleon to make big splash

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He’s set to become the newest addition to Blackpool’s popular Sea Life Centre...and he’s already got the distinct air of a leader about him.

This humphead wrasse fish, called Napoleon, is set to be installed at the aquarium’s ocean tank this afternoon.

And according to staff at the centre, the feisty fish shares a few character traits with the French leader he is named after.

Scott Blacker, displays supervisor at the centre, said: “They are like underwater generals. They like to cruise over the top of the reef inspecting all the other residents and seeing off predators with a steely glare or a threatening charge.

“We expect our Napoleon to set up territory in the middle of the display and quickly let all the other residents know who’s boss.”

An endangered species, humphead wrasse have been targeted by fishermen supplying the live food market in China, and have also been easy targets for spear-fishermen.

Napoleon was collected under special licence from the coast of Australia so that Sea Life can try to establish a successful captive-breeding programme which could provide a vital lifeline if the wild population is driven close to extinction.

Yet despite bossing other fish, this species is notoriously friendly with divers and generally inquisitive about 
humans. Scott added: “He’s been getting over his long journey at our main collection centre in Dorset, where our colleagues tell us he likes to hold his head above the water to have it stroked, and really seems to enjoy a bit of human company.”