Fylde coast tanker top protest follows slow walk end

A fracking protester climbs aboard a tanker on Preston New Road

Anti-fracking protesters stopped supply tankers at the Preston New Road by climbing onto their roofs.

The first was stopped before 9am on Monday and police cordoned off the vehicle close to the entrance of the shale gas drill site at Little Plumpton off the busy A583.

Fracking public inquiry 2016 at Blackpool Football Club

The man remained on top of the vehicle for several hours as police did not the equipment to remove him. In the afternoon a tanker leaving the site was halted as a second man climbed on its roof.

Bob Dennett from Frack Free Lancashire said: “The police have stopped allowing people to have the agreed 15 minute slow walk protest in front of the supply trucks and so this is the result. The tanker slowed on the way in and the man took his chance to climb up so they had to stop.”

Cuadrilla’s Matt Lambert said: “This kind of irresponsible behaviour is totally unacceptable and all it has achieved is delay and disruption to local, law abiding road users. There are many ways to peacefully make your point without having to stoop to such ridiculous antics.”

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