Fond farewell to much loved Indra

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They’ll never forget her – zoo keepers are mourning the loss of one of their much loved elephants.

Indra, a female Asian elephant, has died aged 50, after spending 16 years living at Blackpool Zoo.

She was one of a pair rescued from the bankrupt Berlin Circus in 1999, joining Kate and Crumple, who had been at the zoo since it opened in the 60s, at the zoo off East Park Drive where she delighted visitors for over the years.

Her companion Marcella, who was also brought over from the circus, was sadly euthanised in July last year, after suffering serious health problems

Jude Rothwell, at Blackpool Zoo, said: “Indra was an extremely popular member of our zoo family and was well loved by all of our visitors.

“People are just overawed by the size of elephants, but how dextrous they are with their trunks. They’re such fascinating creatures, people can stand and watch them for ages.

“Indra and Marcella were very happy at Blackpool Zoo.

“Kate will be staying with us and will be closely monitored by her keepers in the coming weeks.”

Indra was famed for her love of jelly, and remained an active member of the herd despite being blind in one eye.

Former zoo worker Coun Tony Williams, who was head of marketing at the zoo, said the elephants were always popular due to their playful manner.

He said: “All four of the zoo’s elephants had a good temperament.

“They just look like a big cuddly animal, although they’re incredibly powerful.

“They’re unique.

“When they are younger they’re just like puppies and can be playful, they do have their own characters and emotions.

“The keepers will be very, very sad.”

Coun Williams said he hoped the zoo’s last remaining elephant Kate, who moved to the attraction as a calf, would now be able to socialise with another captive herd.

Bosses at the zoo have hinted at plans for a new elephant house at the attraction in coming years.

A spokesman said: “While it is too soon to make any decisions on the immediate future, there are plans for a brand new elephant facility within the next few years.”