Couple seek scientific help over whale vomit

Meil Martin and Sandra Johnson with their whale vomit found on Blackpool beach
Meil Martin and Sandra Johnson with their whale vomit found on Blackpool beach
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Two friends who think they might have stumbled across a small fortune in whale vomit are seeking expert advice on the substance.

Sandra Johnson was walking her dogs along the beach at South Shore when she came across a strange object which on the outside looked like a rock but inside was a bright yellow.

Her Jack Russell dogs, Suzie and Honey, were very attracted to the substance, which was also giving of a strange pungent smell.

After meeting up with her friend, Neil Martin, she researched her find and discovered it might be ambergris – a substance formed in the stomachs of wales which is extremely valuable and used to make perfume.

The pair remain dubious of their find, but say they are really keen to find out whether it’s the real deal or not.

And they have been advised to contact marine biologists at Bangor University, who may be able to shed some like on the object.

Neil, a 45-year-old cab driver, said: “We’re going to send them an email with pictures and hopefully take it from there.

“We’re not too much further on with it, but we just need to make general enquiries.

“We could be holding on to nothing, or it could be worth a small fortune. We just don’t know and that’s what we want to find out.”

Neil and Sandra, a school nurse from South Shore, found two lumps of the possible ambergris, weighing a total of 2.2kg, on the afternoon of Monday June 23.

One was opposite the Mirror Ball, and the other was close to South Pier.