Capacity crowd for Fylde fracking meeting

The audience at the fracking meeting in Lytham
The audience at the fracking meeting in Lytham
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More than 450 people turned up to a public meeting  to hear speakers on the controversial fracking issue.

The event held at Lowther Pavilion was organised by Lytham oil and gas engineer Mike Hill who said its aim was to give people information about shale gas drilling.

It was chaired by Charles Metcalfe who was involved in the anti-fracking campaign at Balcombe.

It featured speakers such as Dr Frank Rugman one of the authors of the Medact Report on Fracking and Supt Richard Robertshaw who is in charge of the day to day policing of the Preston New Road fracking site where around 100 officers a day are on duty.

Mr Hill spoke about his concerns over robust regulation and monitoring of fracking, the possible pollution effects and how waste from the drill sites would be dealt with.

Mr Hill said before the meeting that he had invited representatives from the fracking industry to take pert, but no-one was there in the night to present their case.

Mike Hill said after the meeting he was delighted with the turnout but was disappointed that many more people could not get in.

He said: “It was a good meeting but still I think the many people on the Fylde are under a huge illusion that fracking is properly regulated and will be safe. In my professional opinion that could not be further from the truth. I still feel the majority of people on the Fylde have no idea how many wells are needed and the monumental disruption coming their way.”