Bid to end residents’ flooding nightmare

Tara Bannister at her home in Midgeland Road, Marton.
Tara Bannister at her home in Midgeland Road, Marton.
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RESIDENTS hope a scheme costing nearly £9,000 will help end their flooding misery.

People living on a stretch of Midgeland Road in Marton have had their gardens repeatedly submerged during bouts of heavy rainfall.

Now Stanley ward councillors Peter Evans and Andrew Stansfield have agreed to fund a new drainage system in front of the line of terraced homes just south of Florence Street.

A total of £8,760 from their ward budget will be used to fit a gully and grid along the pavement in front of the properties.

Tara Bannister, 43, lives in one of the worst affected properties with her son Joshua, 17.

As well as having her garden flooded, she has also had to have water pumped out from beneath her home.

Ms Bannister, who works for Blackpool Council, said; “Last August there was a terrible rainstorm.

“My garden was completely submerged with rainwater several inches deep, and some of my neighbours could only get to their homes by wading.

“In addition to this, it turned out a gully which collects rainwater from the roofs along the terrace was damaged. This is right at the front of my house, and instead of the water being drained into the sewers, it got into the space beneath my floorboards.

“United Utilities had to come and pump it out over a 10-day period.

“That problem is now in the process of being fixed by United Utilities, and once we get the new drainage system the councillors are paying for, hopefully it will finally be all resolved.”

Ms Bannister says moisture has damaged furniture and carpets at her home, which she has lived in for around 12 years.

She added: “The Moss has a high water table and properties do have groundwater under them. But this has been a real nightmare. It has been a problem for a number of years, but after last summer’s storm, I just decided enough was enough and something had to be done.

“We’re really grateful to the councillors for stepping in with this funding.”

Coun Evans said: “At the moment there is just a concrete gutter which doesn’t do anything.

“The residents here have suffered terribly from repeated flooding of their gardens and so we wanted to do something to help them by using funds from our ward budget.

“We believe this system will help to drain the surface water away.”

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