Appeal to ditch plastic straws to protect Fylde coast

Plastic straws are a common sight on our beaches
Plastic straws are a common sight on our beaches

Beach buddies are appealing to businesses to switch from plastic to paper to help protect our seas.

Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group are urging people to follow the example of one Fylde Coast business in using paper drinking straws instead of plastic.

The Venue, on North Promenade has made the switch to do its bit to help cut the plastic washing up beaches.

The Rossall Beach Group has picked up tonnes of plastics in its nine years of cleaning between The Venue and Rossall School.

Disposable cigarette lighters, bottle tops and McDonald’s spoons are some of the frequent finds, along with the ubiquitous plastic straw, which are found on every beach in the country.

Group chairman Jane Littlewood said “The debate around single use plastics is growing in volume, and more people are becoming aware of the damage that our thoughtlessness creates.

“Plastic doesn’t decompose it just breaks down into the tiniest, virus sized microscopic particles which are in every sea, everywhere in the world. Tiny sea creatures then ingest it and take it into the food chain.

"It’s estimated that by 2050 there will be a greater weight of plastic in our oceans than fish.”

Venue owner Jakki Slack said: “When I saw the video of the straw being pulled out of the turtle’s nostril on the internet video that went viral, it made me shudder.

"I thought about taking straws off our bars altogether, then the group suggested that we switch to paper.

“Restaurants throw away tens of thousands of plastic straws every year and I don’t want The Venue to be one of them.

“If everyone made the change and rejected straws or changed to paper it would make a difference. Lots of little differences add up to a big change!

The Rossall Beach Group has produced a poster which explains where the plastic straws have gone. It’s available for any Fylde Coast food business to use in their premises to explain to customers where the plastic straws have gone.

For a copy email or ring 07932 413431.