Anger over fly-tipping at beauty spot

Fly tipping at Fleetwood Nature Reserve on Jameson Road, Fleetwood
Fly tipping at Fleetwood Nature Reserve on Jameson Road, Fleetwood
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This was the appalling sight which greeted walkers on Fleetwood’s nature reserve.

The land, at the end of Jameson Road, is supposed to be a green oasis where nature has a chance to thrive and walkers can escape the urban landscape.

But instead of getting away from it all, visitors to the site were confronted by a mountain of rubbish, dumped by fly-tippers in the reserve’s car park.

The haul of household waste included a broken TV, a battered child’s car, old piping and burst bin bags spilling out stinking, rotten food.

Dog walker Rachel Wilson, 42, of North Church Street, was furious about the incident, which occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

She said: “It’s absolutely disgusting.

“Some people were struggling to park their cars 
because there was so much rubbish.

“There seemed to be every kind of rubbish there, you name it.

“I called Wyre Council and they told me it was Lancashire County Council’s job to deal with it, then Lancashire said it was Wyre’s. I was just passed from pillar to post.

“There is CCTV on the site, but I was told by someone at Lancashire it didn’t work because they can’t afford to run it.

“This is the worse fly tipping yet, but it isn’t the first time and it is getting spoilt.

“It could be dangerous if dogs or young children get too close and step on broken glass, or something worse.

“Something should be done about it.

“Maybe they could close the gates after a certain time, or put working cameras up there.”

She added: “If they catch them, they should hit them with harsh penalties to teach them a lesson.”

Fly-tipping continues to be a problem in Fleetwood and Wyre.

Of the 1,906 cases reported in Wyre in 2013/14, investigations were launched on 864 occasions.

However, just one person was fined as a result.

Warning letters were sent out in 47 cases, 93 statutory notices were sent out and 152 duty of care inspections were made.

The land at Jameson Road is owned by Lancashire County Council.

Nick Osborne, Lancashire County Council Countryside Service manager, said: “It appears this waste was flytipped overnight at Fleetwood Marsh and we’ve received two reports of it.

“Our highways staff have already been to the site and taken away a truck full, but there is so much they will need to return for the rest of it.

“We will go through the waste to see if there is anything to suggest where it has come from, and will follow it up with Wyre Council if there’s anything to warrant further investigation.”