Anger as pets abandoned in icy weather

Some of the dogs found abandoned in Lytham.
Some of the dogs found abandoned in Lytham.
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A warden has slammed the “appalling cruelty” of a pet owner after five dogs were found abandoned in sub-zero temperatures.

Gavin Charlton called the pet owner’s actions neglectful and cruel after the animals were found tied up in freezing conditions on Lytham Green on January 20.

Dog enforcement wardens Joshua Brooking and Gavin Charlton.

Dog enforcement wardens Joshua Brooking and Gavin Charlton.

As temperatures plummeted across the region, the shivering dogs, which appear to be crosses between collies and Labradors, were spotted by a runner who noticed their distress, took them home and contacted dog wardens Josh Brooking and Gavin Charlton at Fylde Council.

After rescuing the pets, Mr Charlton said: “We got a call from a gentleman saying he found five dogs.

“He had noticed them tied up and a few hours later he went back and they were still there. He took them all home and looked after them.

“It appears the owners have just abandoned them.

“They are all lovely dogs. It is appalling, it is cruelty. They have left five dogs on one of the worst nights of the year in cold winds and temperatures.

“We could have found them the next day and they would be dead. It is neglectful and cruel.”

Sarah Wilson, of Fylde Council’s warden service, said they were grateful for the kindness of the rescuer.

She added: “The poor animals could easily have become very poorly or died if they had stayed out overnight in such weather – and we are grateful to the runner who took pity on their plight.

“Three of the dogs had been chipped, but the details were out of date and there is no indication of who their most recent owner was.

“Josh and Gavin took the dogs to the designated kennels, Sundown Kennels on Old Mains Lane, Poulton, but it’s looking very unlikely that we’ll either find the owner or that he will want to reclaim them. However, we’re confident we’ll find new forever homes very quickly as they are very 
lovable dogs.

“People can be very kind: if the runner had not looked more closely we could easily have found five severely ill or dead dogs on Wednesday morning. They are all doing well now, thanks to his thoughtful response.”

Mr Charlton said no-one had come forward to claim the animals and hoped they could be rehomed.

He added: “It is a family of dogs so ideally we want them all to go to the same home, but I understand it is a big ask.

“They have lived together and with two of them being puppies it would be tough to separate the older ones from the younger animals.

“But we hope someone can offer them somewhere to stay.”

Anyone who can help is asked to contact Fylde Council on (01253) 658658.