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Do you enjoy a challenge, adventure, and team work?

Ever thought about joining the Scouts, Explorer Scouts or Network?

The Scouts is for youngsters aged 10.5 years - 14 years, Explorer Scouts are 14 years - 18 years-old, and Network is for young people aged 18 - 25 yesars-old,

During 2016, Scouts of all ages from Blackpool District have achieved so many targets, and personal achievements that will influence and change their lives and give potential major life skills for ever

From abseiling, a snow and ice weekend, rafting, bouldering, quad biking, canoeing, outdoor cooking, overseas visits, aqua sport, indoor and outdoor skiing, and camping.

From mountaineering in Pico, Italy, reaching remote regions of Mongolia, partying in Poland, and going to Zellof in Germany.

What a time, what an experience, a great time to meet other Scouts from many other parts of the UK, and from different nations and cultures

Then we have the many District and County activities, which include a swimming gala, five-a-side football competition, patrol leaders forum, a chill out weekend, county rally, “County Bowlander” in and around the Trough of Bowland area where teams of four persons team – aged between 10.5 and 14 – work together to carry out orienteering, map work, camping and cooking.

There’s also chance to gain personal achievement awards of Explorer Belt, Chief Scout Gold and Platinum Awards, plus the Queen’s Scout Award.

The age groups above also have a host of interest and hobbies badges that they can achieve.

All our young people aged 14 years and onwards can also become young leaders helping in the other sections and provide that vital Youth Shaped Link that the movement is aiming for in 2018.

Now a quick mention for our unsung heroes called the Voluntary Leaders.

If you are 16 years and over and fancy some great evenings and weekends then why not join Blackpool District Scouts as a leader?

Or if you have time constraints, then come and join our Support Adult Services Unit, who provide a vital link between groups and many District indoor and outdoor activities, were they make lots of friends.

The year would not be complete without a big thank you to our Scouting Ambassadors, Georgia Shields,(Rally Driver), Ged and Hayley( Radio Wave Presenters), and Paul Maynard MP, for their dedication and enthusiasm in putting Blackpool Scouting in the public eye at every given opportunity, and look forward to working with them all for another successful year in 2017

For further information on all the groups or if you are interested in a hands on approach yourself just log on to Blackpool District Scouts.