Energy switch could save consumers £120 a year

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Householders could save up to £120 a year on their energy bills by joining forces with each other to get a better deal.

Blackpool Council is preparing to launch its 2015 Ready to Switch? collective energy switching scheme.

So far it has saved £35,000, which equates to around £120 per person taking part, per year.

But less than one per cent of the population have taken part so far and now the council is urging more people to sign up for the scheme.

Savings are made because creating a collective means energy can be purchased in bulk which is cheaper.

Coun Gillian Campbell, deputy leader of Blackpool Council, said: “Ready to Switch has worked brilliantly for those who have and they’ve saved a really good chunk of cash.

“People tell us all the time that times are hard and they are short of money – well here is an opportunity to claw some money back from the energy companies, simply by using a bit of people power.

“It’s not complicated either. Our team will help make it very simple.

“So please, sign up now and let’s use some teamwork to take on the big energy companies and save some money.”

Blackpool is one of nine council areas taking part in the Ready to Switch scheme which is led by Peterbrough Council and run by switching specialists, iChoosr.

All people need to provide is the name of their energy supplier, their tariff and payment plan and the amount they spend or the amount of energy they use

All this information is available either on bills or annual statements.

Once a large group of residents have signed up, energy suppliers bid for the right to offer their energy deal to the residents as a collective with the best deal coming out on top in what is known as a reverse auction.

Registration closes on October 12. For more information visit