End of the nifty fifty today

The current fifty pound note goes out of circulation on today.  Pictured is Kay Mountain.
The current fifty pound note goes out of circulation on today. Pictured is Kay Mountain.
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It’s a note few of us see very often, and after the end of today we’re unlikely to see one ever again.

The £50 note featuring the image of former Bank of England Governor Sir John Houblon is being taken out of circulation after 20 years after the release of a newer design which is harder to forge.

And in one South Shore penny arcade, there’s a cashier who says she won’t be sad to see them go.

Kay Mountain, from Lucky Star Amusements, on the Promenade, said: “I don’t like taking them personally.

“I’ve just got this thing about them because you get a bit worried about forgery if there’s the slightest little thing out of line.

“You don’t see them that often though.

“I’m very happy they’re getting rid of this design.”

Her views are echoed by Mandy Simms, from South Pier’s £1.99 Fish and Chip Shop.

She said: “We do take them but it’s a bit annoying because we sell fish and chips for £1.99.

“They say it’s all they’ve got on them so I can’t really say ‘go away’.

“It just clears your till out of change.”

However, other traders say they’re happy to take the big denomination if customers have them.

Paul Kelly, 41, from Thames Road, South Shore, owns Pablo’s Ice-Cream.

He said: “I don’t think it matters.

“If you’ve got a bit about you you’ll know what’s counterfeit or not.

“I had one this weekend but I don’t get lots.

“It’s great, especially if they spend it all and don’t want any change.”

Kelly Paterson, who owns several snack bars outside South Pier, added: “I’ll take any money at all.

“It’s all money at the end of the day, it doesn’t bother me.

“As long as we know what a fake one looks like it makes no difference.”

Holidaymakers Sue Wallace and Malcolm Angus, from Windsor, in Berkshire, offered their thoughts.

Sue, 61, said: “They need to change them because there are too many fake ones and you can’t change them in most shops.”

Malcolm, 60, added: “I won’t use them because if you want to go in to a shop you can’t buy anything with them.

“A lot of people nowadays won’t take them.”