Emotional reunion for goal-hero Gorkss

MATCHWINNER Kaspars Gorkss fired Blackpool to a much-needed victory – then flew to Latvia for an emotional reunion with the baby son he rarely gets to see.

And the first thing he'll do is make his two-week old watch his old man's goal on the TV.

Press play to hear from Kaspars Gorkss

Gorkss' wife gave birth to son Patriks in Riga a fortnight ago. But because he was born a month prematurely and is still unwell, the baby will not be allowed to travel back to the UK until after Christmas.

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And that means that while Gorkss is living in St Annes and playing for Blackpool, his wife and family are stranded on the other side of Europe.

It's been a tough time but Gorkss is getting on with it.

And after scoring the all-important goal in Pool's 1-0 victory over Scunthorpe, Gorkss will finally get to see his son today when he flies back to Latvia.

"I'm playing for the national team next week but I've been allowed to return a little earlier so I can see my wife, my daughter and my new born son," said Gorkss, who celebrated his 26th birthday last week.

"I'm living without them all at the moment and it is tough. I'm missing them a lot. Because Patriks was born early they won't let him fly yet because of the air pressure.

It's not suitable at the moment and so it won't be until Christmas until my wife and son, and my two-year-old daughter, can come home.

"I can't wait to see them and although it will mean I'll be spending the next few days changing nappies and doing the domestic duties, I don't mind – it's worth it just to be with them for a while.

"It was great to score the goal on Saturday and hopefully my family in Latvia will get to see it because there are a couple of programmes which show the goals from the Championship. I'll have to make sure Patriks is watching!

"Is the goal dedicated to him? Well I dedicated the goal I scored for Latvia against Denmark a few weeks ago to him, so I think I'll dedicate this one to all my family."

Gorkss' 71st minute header took him to three goals for the season and the centre back is Pool's second top scorer – one behind Andy Morrell.