Emma set to ‘pole’ them over

Emma Colsey-Nicholls (right), on the pole with student Kim McAdam
Emma Colsey-Nicholls (right), on the pole with student Kim McAdam
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Mum-of-two Emma Colsey-Nicholls is in pole position after getting through to the semi-finals of an international competition.

The 32-year-old fitness instructor, from Blackpool – along with one of her students, Kim McAdam – will compete live in the International Pole and Aerial Tournament (IPAAT), in Nottingham, on the first weekend of April.

Emma, who owns ECN-Bodyworks Pole and Fitness Studio, on Chiswick Grove, Marton, and Kim had to submit video entries of them performing routines to a panel of judges.

Emma made the selection of the top eight scores in the expert category and Kim in the intermediate category.

They will perform in the semi-final on April 4, then the top three performers will be chosen to perform again the next day in the grand 
final, with one being crowned champion.

Mum-of-two Emma said: “I have been teaching pole fitness for seven years now and, after having my second baby nine months ago, I decided I would enter my first competition to keep me motivated with my post-baby training.

“Pole is amazing for getting you in great shape and I knew if I upped my training, it would help get rid of the last of my 
baby weight.

“I’m absolutely thrilled I even made it this far in the competition and it’s really boosted my confidence.

“I now just have to keep working hard to perform my best in the semi-finals.

“It would be an amazing achievement to win a competition less than a year after having a baby.

“At the moment we are both feeling excited, but I’m sure the nerves will come on the day.”

Emma and ECN-Bodyworks have had success in the past, with a number of members winning various competitions.

Emma added: “Pole fitness is now more recognised as a sport, it has its own Pole Sports Federation – and the pole fitness industry continues to push for it to be entered into the Olympics one day.”

Pole fitness is a combination of acrobatics, gymnastics, with an element of dance.

The more advanced moves in pole fitness often defy gravity – with athletes gripping the pole with a single foot or several fingers.

The lifts and tricks tone muscles, while high-intensity choreographed routines provide a cardio workout.