Weeton pupils move into new school

Billie-Jo, pupil at Weeton Primary School
Billie-Jo, pupil at Weeton Primary School
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Billie Jo, aged nine

Junior Gazette reporter

Weeton Primary School pupils moved from an old dusty school to a sparkly new one last month because the old school had started to rot.

The reason why the children had to move is because the school was falling down because it was made of wood and it was 59-years-old!

Previously, the school had to move out to where the soldiers learned (the army base) because people came to inspect and they said it needed to be fixed.

The new school started getting built in early 2016 just down the road from the old school. Every day the children could see them working.

They went to the building site to see the progress.

Last year they went to plant bulbs so it could look good!

Class 5 asked a question to the head builder, Mr Pallet: “What was it like being in charge of building the sparkly new school and who though of the shape of it?”

Mr Pallet said: “The shape was designed by the architect and it was fun but hard to build the shiny new school.”

The brand new school has nine televisions – only two schools in Lancashire have that kind!

They have a screen in every class that you can use your finger on like an original pencil.

There are also five computers in every class.

Another student asked Mrs Humpage, who works in the office: “How do you like the new school?”

Mrs Humpage said: “It’s great and I give it a big thumbs up!”

There is a climbing frame for physical education in the hall and Class 5 was the first to use it.

There is also a rope race climbing frame, only two students could get to the top.

Also, they have a vault, monkey bars, and a climbing wall that will be installed in summer or late spring.

The children have said hello to two new cooks who joined at the start of the year as well as Ms Iveson, who is a teaching assistant in class 5.

The children have settled in very well so if you want to come to this amazing school look for Weeton Primary School on the internet and ask the headteacher, Mr Goth.