‘We’re not shocked by report’

Sharon Ramsden with children Bailey Hill, five, Bradley Hill, 10 and Abigail, seven.
Sharon Ramsden with children Bailey Hill, five, Bradley Hill, 10 and Abigail, seven.
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Parents of children at Revoe Community Primary School today said it comes as no surprise to them to hear of bullying and poor behaviour at the school.

But they have said standards at the school have improved greatly in the last two months and said parents need to take responsibility for their children’s behaviour in class just as much as teachers.

Sharon Ramsden, who has three children at the school, said: “It’s only recently where incidents have been dealt with well.

“The new behaviour card system they have is better.

“But there’s only so much teachers can do, parents have more say and children only know right and wrong if you show them.”

Amanda Barr, whose six-year-old daughter and five-year-old son attend the school, agreed with Ofsted’s findings on inconsistencies in teaching, saying she has seen this with her children.

The 23-year-old said: “Last year my daughter didn’t get reading books in reception but now my son does, it is better now.”

Parents also complained of poor communication from teachers on matters ranging from their children’s performance in class to serious incidents of bullying.

Ms Barr added: “They don’t communicate with parents, my little girl was being bullied, was separated from her friends and not allowed to play out but I didn’t have a clue.”

Another parent, who wished not to be named, said her five-year-old son has been bullied and attacked by other children.

She said: “It’s disgusting. I’m not surprised by the report.”

Paul Clare, 34, who has six children aged between four and 11 at the school, said staff need to be better supported to help children.

He said: “One of my sons has trouble calming down, there should be proper staff trained to deal with that.

“I know teachers say they are overworked but they should be supported and asking for support.”


Children’s centre needs to improve

Ofsted inspectors who have issued a damning report of Revoe Community Primary School have also labelled Revoe Children’s Centre as “inadequate” and needing to be improved.

A report into the centre for 0-5-year-olds has decreed that “regular training” be given to staff, an “accurate and up-to-date safeguarding policy” be put in place and contributions from parents be “improved” to boost its performance.

But the report also outlines a number of positives found at the centre, highlighting staff knowledge of the local area and assistance being given to parents to improve their skills and qualifications.

This is despite inspectors finding that “overall management have not provided adequate support to early years staff”.

Sarah Riding, cabinet member for children’s services, said: “Our focus will be to ensure the best possible provision in the school and Children’s Centre in order to improve the life chances of young people in our care and to keep them safe.”

Inspectors noted levels of transience are higher than average in the catchment area for the children’s centre and school, that almost 75 per cent of pupils are eligible for free school meals and that around half of children under-five come from homes where no-one is in work.

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