VIDEO: PM’s praise for Fylde school

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There was high praise indeed for one Fylde coast primary school – after Prime Minister David Cameron singled it out for a special mention.

Breck Primary School, in Poulton, received more than £9,000 this year to boost its sport facilities offer activities and coaching for youngsters across the region.

BreckPrimary (in yellow) have benefited from �9,000 Government grants. Below: Prime Minister David Cameron.

BreckPrimary (in yellow) have benefited from �9,000 Government grants. Below: Prime Minister David Cameron.

And the Prime Minister (pictured inset) highlighted the school as a key example of how money is 
being used to promote physical education for pupils.

He said: “I have two kids at primary school and I want all kids to have access to great sports facilities, especially team sports.

“If you take Breck Primary School in Poulton they are going to get £9,075 this year which has allowed them to train staff and host two football training projects.”

One of the ways the money is being spent is to train staff, with the school’s PE coordinator spending one day a week going into other schools across the Fylde coast to share their experience.

Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron

The cash also means the school can offer wider variety of sports clubs, including zumba, street dance and Latin American dancing.

Mr Cameron, who went to Eton and Brasenose College, Oxford, added: “I really enjoyed playing sports at school though I wasn’t much good. Tennis was really my sport, though I enjoyed team sports.

“Sports in schools and between schools teaches us not just the importance of team work but how to lose gracefully too.”

The money was made available as part of a £150m investment in school sports across the country, which was announced last year.

Yesterday, the Government committed to spending the same amount again this year. A further £18m is being made available to improve outdoor sports facilities.

Mr Cameron added: “And it’s not just £150m this year but, if we are re-elected, every year until 2020 which will allow schools to really plan ahead. Sport is so important because it encourages children to be active, lead a healthy lifestyle, make friends and, of course, have fun.”

The money handed out must be spent on sport but otherwise headteachers are free to decide how it is used.

At Breck Primary School, on Fouldrey Avenue, some of the money was earmarked for identifying vulnerable groups of children encouraging increased participation among those pupils.

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