Teachers’ strike to cripple schools

Palatine High School
Palatine High School
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VIRTUALLY every Blackpool schoolchild is being given the day off on Thursday as teachers take to the picket lines.

All eight of the resort’s high schools will shut their doors and 23 out of 30 primary schools will be closed or partially closed.

The National Union Of Teachers (NUT) and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) have called on members to man the picket lines for a one-day strike in protest at cuts to their pensions.

With more than 20,000 children in Blackpool alone – parents across the Fylde coast now face a frantic scramble to make alternative arrangements for their children.

As well as the eight Blackpool high schools, many secondary schools in Fylde and Wyre will be closed or partially closed.

They include Cardinal Allen in Fleetwood, Carr Hill in Kirkham, Lytham High and St Bedes in Lytham and Garstang High.

A number of primary schools will also be affected across Thornton, Cleveleys, Kirkham, Poulton, Fleetwood and over Wyre.

Union leaders argued their members were left with no option, while Blackpool Council leader Simon Blackburn today supported teachers for taking a stand against the Government’s attempt to get public sector workers to pay more in pension contributions.

He said: “The Coalition Government’s attempts to rip the heart out of public sector pension schemes is a further demonstration of their political ideology masquerading as an attempt to reduce the (national) deficit.

“They are blinding people with figures and scaring taxpayers into believing public sector pensions are somehow a luxury hard working teachers, nurses, and care workers are not entitled to.

“At a time when most in the public sector are facing yet another round of pay freezes and have accepted changes to terms and conditions – to ask them to pay another 50 percent in pension contributions in return for much less when they retire is an affront.

“It flies in the face of this Government’s woeful efforts to get the banks to pay for the mess they caused.

“It is hard to swallow when we hear of bankers’ large bonuses, but the Government objecting to workers – who have dedicated their lives to helping other people – having a pension worth on average £8,000 a year.”

“It flies in the face of this Government’s woeful efforts to get the banks to pay for the mess they caused.

“The Government are objecting to workers – who have dedicated their lives to helping other people – having a pension worth on average £8,000 a year. Increasing contributions is a pay cut now, and asking people to work longer for less pension is a pay cut for the future.”

The Blackpool primary schools which the council today said would remain open, or partially open, are: Christ the King, Claremont, Our Lady OTA, Revoe, St Kentigern’s, Westcliff, Highfurlong together with the Mountford Centre, Speedwell Centre, Oxford Centre and The Grange.

Education Secretary Michael Gove spoke out to say be believes the strike would harm the teaching profession’s reputation. He also suggested parent volunteers help to keep school open – but his comments have prompted anger from unions saying using them instead of trained staff placed an intolerable burden of responsibility on head teachers if something went wrong.

But the disruption is a price which must be paid according to Ken Cridland, NUT secretary for Lancashire.

He said: “We are hoping this protest focuses the Government’s mind on the need for negotiation.

“Strikes are all about disruption, it is a clear statement about how strongly public sector workers feel about the planned cuts to pensions. We want people to take notice of the issues we are facing.

“We have notified schools about how many of our members they have who we are calling on to strike and they make a decision whether to open based on that.”

More than 750,000 public sector workers nationally are expected to take part in the one day mass walk out.

And scores of Fylde coast organisations who are members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union will be joining them to man the picket lines.

The Land Registry in Warton will close along with Department for Work and Pensions staff from sites including Norbreck and Warbreck.

Blackpool Council has confirmed all other services will be unaffected by the strike action.

Other public sector workers include court staff, JobCentre staff, border, customs and immigration officers, air traffic controllers and police support staff.

About 220,000 NUT members were balloted over the pension changes. Nine out of 10 of those who voted, backed the strike action with a turnout of 40 per cent

More than 80 per cent of ATL members who voted backed the strike action – on a turnout of 35 per cent.


Blackpool Primary Schools

Anchorsholme (Closed for all years)

Baines Endowed (Closed for all years)

Boundry (Closed for all years)

Christ the King(reception and foundation stage only)

Claremont (closed for reception-year 6, open for children centre, nursery and 2yr old provision)

Devonshire (Closed for all years)

Hawes Side (Closed for all years)

Holy Family (Open for all years)

Kincraig (Open for all years)

Layton (Closed for all years)

Marton (Closed for all years)

Mereside (Closed for all years)

Moor Park (Closed for all years)

Norbreck (Closed for all years)

Our Lady OTA (Open for all years)

Revoe (Open for all years Exept Serf Unit)

Roseacre (Closed for all years)

St.Bernadette’s (Closed for all years)

St. Cuthbert’s (Open for all years exept reception and year 1)

St.Johns C of E (Closed for all years)

St.John Vianney (Closed for all years)

St.Kentigern’s (Open for all years)

St.Nicholas (Closed for all years)

St.Teresa’s (Closed for all years exept Nursery)

Stanley (Closed for all years)

Thames (Closed for all years)

Waterloo (Closed for all years)

Westcliff (Open for all years)

Unity (Open for Primary Pupils only)

Highfield (Closed for all Students Year 6 Evening event will still go ahead)

The Mountford Centre (Open for all years However There will be ajustments to timetables)

The Oxford Centre (Open for all years However There will be ajustments to timetables)

The Grange (Open for all years However There will be ajustments to timetables)

Blackpool Secondary schools.

Bispham High - Closed for pupils

Collegiate - closed for pupils

Highfield- closed for pupils

Montgomery - closed for pupils

Palatine - closed for pupils

St George’s - closed for pupils

St Mary’s - closed for pupils

Unity College - closed for pupils

Fylde Primary schools

Ansdell Primary (Closed for all years exept Y1, Y6 and some Y2 - part school)

Bryning with Warton St. Paul’s (Open for all years)

Clifton Primary (Closed for all years)

Freckleton C of E (Open for all years)

Freckleton Strike Lane Primary (Open for all years)

Heyhouses Endowed C of E (Open for all years)

Holy Family Primary Warton (Open for all years exept Keystage 2)

Inskip St. Peter’s (Open for all years)

Kirkham and Wesham (Open for years 2 and 5 only)

Kirkham St Michael’s (Open for years 2,3,4 and 5)

Lytham C of E (Open for years 1 and 4 only)

Lytham Mayfield ( Closed for all years except holiday club)

Lytham Hall ( Closed for all years exept Kindergarden)

Medlar with Wesham (Open for all years)

Newton Blue Coats (Closed for all years)

Our Lady of the Sea (no information)

Ribby with Wrea (open for all years)

Singleton C of E (no information)

St. Thomas’,St.Anne’s (Closed for all years)

St.Joseph’s Medlar-with-Wesham (no information)

St.Peter’s RC Primary Lytham (closed for all years)

Staining C of E ( Closed for all years)

The Willows RC, Kirkham (Open for years 3,4 and 5 because of school trip)

Fylde High schools:

Lytham High - closed

St Bede’s - closed

Carr Hill - closed for years 7 -10

Wyre Primary Schools :

Bilsbarrow John Cross C of E (Closed for all years)

Carleton Green Primary (Closed for all years)

Carleton St. Hilda’s C of E (Open for all years)

Carters Charity Preesall (Open for year 6 only)

Charles Sear Primary (Closed for all years)

Chauncer Primary (Closed for all years)

Cleveley’s Manor Beach (Closed for all years)

Cleveley’s Royles Brook (Closed for all years)

Flakefleet Primary (Closed for all years)

Garstang Primary (Open for all years)

Great Eccleston Copp C of E (Open for all years)

Hambleton Primary ( Open for all years)

Kirkland and Catterall (Closed for all years)

Larkholme Primary (Rec to Y6 - whole school closure)

Northfold Community Primary (Closed for all years)

Out Rawcliffe (no information)

Pilling St. Johns (Closed for all years)

Poulton Carr Head Primary (Open for all years)

Poulton St. Chads (Closed for all years)

Poulton The Breck (Closed for all years)

Preesall Fleetwood’s Charity (Open for all years)

Sacred Heart Thornton (Open for all years)

Shakespeare Primary (Closed for all years)

St. Mary’s and Michael RC Primary (Open for all years)

St. Johns RC Primary Poulton (Closed for all years)

St.Mary’s RC Primary Fleetwood (Open for all years)

St.Mary’s RC Great Eccleston (Open for all years)

St.Michael’s-on-Wyre C of E (Open for all years)

St.William’s RC Primary Pilling (Closed for all years)

St.Wulstan’s and St. Edmonds (Open for all years exept Nursery)

Stalmine Primary (Open for all years)

Stanah Primary (Closed for all years)

Thornton Baines Endowed (Closed for all years)

Thornton Primary (Open for all years)

Treales C of E Primary (Open for all years)

Weeton Primary (Open for years 2,5 and 6)

Weeton St.Michael’s (Open for all years)

Winmarleigh C of E Primary(Open for all years)

Wyre high schools

Baines - Open to all except Year 9

Hodgson - Open for all years

Fleetwood High school - Open to all years

Cardinal Allen High School - Closed

Saint Aidan’s Open for all years

Garstang High - Open for Year 10 only

Millfield - No information

Blackpool Special Schools

Highfurlong (Open for all years)

Park (Closed for all years)

Woodlands (Closed for all years)