Teacher suspended over ‘drunk in class’ claims

Waterloo Primary School
Waterloo Primary School
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A PRIMARY school teacher has been suspended for allegedly being drunk in class.

The Waterloo Primary School teacher was sent home after pupils noticed he was “acting strangely.”

Some parents have told The Gazette the male member of staff – who has not been named – was “slurring his words and acting silly.”

It was today confirmed the teacher has been suspended for allegedly being intoxicated in school.

Sue Harrison, assistant chief executive, director of children’s services at the town hall, said: “We can confirm a member of staff at Waterloo Primary School has been suspended.

“We are unable to comment further at the stage, pending further investigation.

“The school has made sure all provisions are in place so that going forward children’s education is unaffected.”

One man, who declined to be named but has a grandchild in the suspended teacher’s class, told The Gazette: “I understand he came into the school late last Thursday morning.

“The children noticed straight away as he was slurring his words and acting very silly with them.”

As the investigation began at Waterloo Road school in South Shore, parents said they had been left stunned by the news.

Anna Tredinnick, 30, of Hudson Road, Blackpool, said: “I’m shocked because they are all really good teachers at that school.

From what I’ve heard, the teacher is not usually like that at all.

“The school is amazing and they give 100 per cent to the pupils all the time and I never expected anything like this to happen.

“I hope this is just a one-off and it doesn’t happen again.”

Kelly Mason, 32, from central Blackpool, said: “It’s a shocking situation because you wouldn’t expect to hear about allegations of this type.

“The school is pretty good and they are very strict.”

David Martin, 30, from Blackpool, added: “It’s not very good at all.

“A teacher is in a position of responsibility. This isn’t good for the school.”

Kay Wheatley, 39, from South Shore, said she was very upset by the news of the suspension, but she called for calm when dealing with the teacher.

She added: “Teachers are under a lot of stress and things can happen which are not usual.

“In the past 20 years teaching has changed completely and they are under a lot of pressure.”

In September last year, Government inspectors Ofsted rated Waterloo Primary as a ‘good’ school.

The fact children enjoyed attending lessons and the excellent preparation put in by staff was given praise as part of the extensive report into the school.

Marie Cordey, the Ofsted chief inspector wrote: “This is a good school, leaders, governors and staff have a strong commitment to the personal and academic well-being of pupils.

“As a result, pupils thrive because of the good care, support and guidance they receive.”

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