Sports and science learning gets a great reaction

St Aidan's pupils take part in the classroom medics initiative
St Aidan's pupils take part in the classroom medics initiative
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Students set their hearts racing going as they took part in a Classroom Medics day.

The pupils from St Aidan’s CE Technology College swapped their pens and paper for plasters and bandages during the day, which was set up to teach youngsters about the science and sports professions.

The 40 teens had the opportunity to test their reaction speed, take an ECG of their heart, look at the inside of their eye, use ultrasound to measure their blood flow and see the bones in their hands.

The scheme, hosted by Ashton Community Science College aims to engage and educate students about different professions by showing jobs they could one day have.

Pupls got hands on with real sports and science medical equipment, were able to race on the track, and were inspired to try out the equipment.

The day allows students to try the activities and use the latest technology in the 
medical and sports science worlds.

Teacher Sarah Farrar said: “Students and staff had a great time using the equipment ,which not many of them would have the chance to see in action in schools.”

Pupils said they are now considering A level subjects in sport and science as a result of the session and what it has taught them.