Service lights up at age old festive tradition

Christingle at St George's Academy in Blackpool
Christingle at St George's Academy in Blackpool
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Pupils at St. George’s School ended the term in festive mood with a Christingle service.

The school chaplain organised a service for students from Lincoln College. All gathered in the school hall to take part in the centuries old tradition of decorating an orange with a candle, ribbon and fruit.

Rev Linda Tomkinson, Pioneer Minister for Mereside, spoke at the service, and reminded the students that although life could seem very dark and bleak on occasions, God had sent his Son Jesus into the world to be its light; that is why, she explained, there is a candle on the top of each Christingle.

Mr Sunhil Gohil, the head of Durham College, said that his students had enjoyed the opportunity of making their own Christingles.

He added: “It was good to see everyone joining in with the Christingle making and the carol singing. It’s an excellent way of reminding our students that Christmas isn’t just a fun time, but a fun time with love and hope at its heart.”