Seeing school in a new light!

Demonstration of 3D technology for use in lessons. Luke Croft (left) and Daniel Redman
Demonstration of 3D technology for use in lessons. Luke Croft (left) and Daniel Redman
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HOW about these for eye-catching lessons?

By slipping on the X-ray specs, pupils at Collegiate High School now can be transported into a mind boggling, ever-changing world thanks to new state of the art equipment.

The school on Blackpool Old Road, Blackpool, recently purchased a 3D projector which means pupils can now see their lessons in a whole new light.

Rather than look at images in a text book, they can be beamed out right into the classroom as pictures jump into crystal clear life.

This week, pupils from secondary schools all over the North West paid a visit to try out the new technology.

And pupils from the school said it was a major advance in teaching methods.

Year 7 student Daniel Redman added: “The 3D experience was amazing.

“A heart suddenly appeared floating in the air, I could see the blood being pumped around the different chambers.

“This is so much better than a textbook.”

ICT technician Lewis Hall told The Gazette it was an exciting new way to teach the children.

He added: “It’s creating a real buzz and we want to see this technology filter through to the classroom. It opens up a world of new, enhanced, engaging learning.”

Students at the lecture learned about the human body as images of the heart and eye bounced out of the screen and into the classroom around them.

The 3D classroom will be used to teach a variety of subjects at the school as well as being used by the film club who meet weekly to enjoy movies.


Mr Hall added: “Until recently this type of equipment was expensive to purchase and for that reason has never been used in the classroom.

“But advances in technology mean 3D ready projectors now cost no more than standard projects.

“All schools need to buy are glasses and they have a 3D lecture theatre.

“It’s my vision Collegiate will be at the centre of 3D excitement and I hope other schools will come to use our classroom so pupils can learn using 3D.

“It’s a tremendous teaching and learning experience which must be seen to be fully appreciated.”