School UN-BANS popular devices after saying they could help youngsters

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Lytham Hall Park Primary School, in South Park, Lytham, has relaxed its policy on smart watches.

In a newsletter, it said analogue watches are preferred because ‘this helps the children when and as they are learning to tell the time’.

But it said: “We have been asked recently if FitBit watches can be worn. Our policy has always been that smart watches are not allowed in school.

“That includes any watch that can access the internet, take photographs, [or] receive text messages.

“However, recently our team have reviewed this policy and, if the watch also acts as a simple activity tracker, then we are happy for these watches to be worn in school.

“Hopefully this will help our children benefit from continuing to track their activity during school hours as they certainly enjoy running around during their lunchtimes and playtimes, and keeping fit is always a target worth encouraging.”