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Exterior of The Breck Primary School in Poulton.  PIC BY ROB LOCK'2-12-2013
Exterior of The Breck Primary School in Poulton. PIC BY ROB LOCK'2-12-2013
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A school has tabled plans to develop its site in a bid to satisfy the growing demand for classroom places in Poulton.

Breck Primary School, on Fouldrey Avenue, was recommended by Lancashire County Council to transform a play area and take in extra children.

According to the proposals, the classroom will be built inside an existing covered play area after walls and windows are fitted around the space.

A Design and Access Statement from the authority states: “The Poulton-le-Fylde area is showing additional places are required for 2013/14, and again in 2016/17, therefore cabinet member for Children and Schools has approved a temporary expansion for 2013/14.

“A decision will be made in the future whether this will be made permanent.

“The existing covered play area at Breck Primary School presents an ideal location within the school to provide the accommodation required for the additional pupil places, without increasing the footprint of the building.”

The school is already experiencing difficulties in coping with increasing requests for meals and, to deal with this, the plans will also encompass the extension of its kitchen.

Coun David Henderson, Breck ward councillor for Wyre Council and a school governor, said: “The school is expected to take in extra pupils in the next intake and I believe it’s a one off and it will revert back to the normal intake the following year.

“It does cause problems because Breck school is built like any other primary school to take in a set number of children and it’s a sign of the times.

“The school has to accommodate these children and it will do its utmost to do that.”

Cheryl Brindle, headteacher, added: “As our school met the criteria, for example Outstanding (Ofsted) and with high parental preference, we were the school chosen to absorb the extra 23 primary school places as a one off measure because we had the accommodation to teach the children in current classrooms until a more permanent classroom could be provided by the Local Authority.

“We are fortunate to have a covered area which forms part of the school structure already in place and can easily be converted into a more suitable teaching environment.”

The Lancashire County Council-funded conversion is expected to be completed by Easter.

County Hall could not provide details of how much the scheme will cost.

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