School closed due to burst pipe

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A BLACKPOOL school has been closed for the day due to a burst pipe.

Teachers at St Kentigern’s Catholic Primary School have said there is no visible problem this morning but can hear running water below the school’s main corridor.

Staff at the school on Newton Drive, Blackpool, have notified parents that the school is closed after the mains water and heating had to be turned off.

School governors made the decision to close the school this morning.

Headteacher Frances Wygladala said: “We’ve got a burst pipe that seems to be running under the corridor.

“We can just hear water running, it seems to be like a river, it’s really weird.

“I was in school last night and we turned the mains and heating off but it’s still flowing.”

Maintenance staff, plumbers and heating engineers are working in the school today to solve the problem and the school hopes to be open again on Monday, March 18.

Mrs Wygladala added: “I think we’ll have the whole corridor up to see where the burst is.”