Pupils enjoy tales of the past at Samlesbury Hall

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By Evelyn So, aged nine

Kirkham Grammar

We were really excited for our trip to Samlesbury Hall.

We settled into the Chapel and met Mistress Marjorie.

We went into the Great Hall to learn about the food the Tudors ate.

She also told us about rats and peasants.

In the entrance hall she showed us the priest hole and let Father Ethan try it out!

Next, we went to the Confession Room and she told us the story of the priest who was killed in that very room. Mistress Marjorie told us about a servant girl who told King Henry VIII’s soldiers that a Catholic Priest had been hidden in Samlesbury Hall.

King Henry VIII had of course banned Catholicism during his reign. Gaby, Hannah and Alex were picked to perform a number of role plays which were very funny!

She taught us a rhyme to turn people into a witch, but nobody could memorise it!

Next, we had lunch in the Chapel and visited the Rosearium. We designed our own shields and gargoyles.

After that, we visited the animals; there were Pygmy goats, chickens and bees.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t look at the bees because they were all hiding.

We had a great day at Samlesbury Hall!