Pupils dig deep at science club

St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy's science club
St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy's science club
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By Laura Copa, Year 4

St Cuthbert’s Catholic Academy

On March 28, Science Club at St Cuthbert’s Catholic Academy was a really busy place.

First we checked our tomatoes, which we had planted on the first week of Science Club.

There were loads of shoots coming up but some of them had no shoots.

My shoot was the tallest, but Mickey’s had the most shoots.

Then we all planted pansies in the little wooden triangle in front of Year 2.

Some had flowers, but some didn’t.

The pansies were really hard to get out so our teachers Mrs Woodsford and Mrs Kilcoyne took them out of the pots.

Everybody got a fork and dug a hole, then put a pansy in and put soil into the hole.

After that we watered all the sweet peas we had planted last term.

Then we watered the cauliflower, carrots and mangetout.

We also looked at the tadpoles in Year 1.

They had tails, tiny and black.

We also got to touch the wax from an actual beehive.

And that was our busy and interesting afternoon in Science Club!