Pupils' adventure to discover Ancient Egyptians

Children from Christ the King Catholic Academy
Children from Christ the King Catholic Academy
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Junior Gazette

The drama unfolded last Friday, when Year 5 received a mysterious and shocking letter which said: “Announcement of Death. With this sad news of your fellow Egyptian, please prepare yourself for mourning and come to the ceremony room.”

Carried away with curiosity, but shaking with fear, we quickly rushed to the ceremony room.

To our horror, we saw our close friend and beloved classmate (Jack Vernon) lying lifeless on a linen-covered table.

Feeling shocked, we realised that our classmate was about to be mummified in the dark, silent and spooky ceremony room.

Mr Salmon began to explain the gruesome mummification process and remove Jack’s precious organs.

First, he removed his brain! YUK!

Meanwhile, Mrs Lund and Miss Murphy, who looked hilarious in their bed-sheet robes, were placing Jack’s organs (his brain, intestines, stomach and liver) into the ancient canopic jars.

Once the ceremony was complete, we returned to class. We were relieved to find Jack alive!

Miss Hilton allowed us to explore the body parts (which were really animal organs).

We got to feel them and see what a real pig’s heart looked like.

Jack Vernon, who played the part of the dead Ancient Egyptian, explained: “I felt really confused and a bit terrified.

“I didn’t want a hook put up my nose!

“I thought he was really going to turn me into a mummy!”

The excitement continued on Wednesday morning, when we set off on another exciting adventure to the University of Manchester Museum, which was full of interesting history.

Our hearts were racing when we found out we would be coming face-to-face with the real-life Egyptian Mummy, Asru.

We enjoyed exploring ancient artefacts and learning about the life of the Ancient Egyptians.

We cannot wait to find out where our next adventure will take us.