New rise is a 'fantastic achievement'

THEY are going up in the world at Kincraig Primary.

The Bispham School has been placed in the Government's top 100 most improved schools after leaping up the league tables once again.

Every Year Six child at the Kincraig Road site gained a Level 4 in science, while its English and maths scores gave a total of 272 out of 300, the sixth best in Blackpool.

Since 2004, when the school posted 169 out of 300, results have steadily improved to 234 in 2005, 252 in 2006 and 272 for 2007 – a massive 103 in four years.

For a school that was considered to have serious weaknesses by Ofsted only four years ago, today's results are a huge boost to staff and headteacher Jonathan Clucas.

He said: "It is fantastic and demonstrates how hard everyone has worked, the children, teachers, governors and the parents. That relationship is very important and one highlighted by Ofsted.

"The quality of teaching has improved tremendously in the last few years and the results show how far we have come.

"It requires effort from everyone which I am glad to say we have had."

Engaging the children's interest and making learning fun have been one of the keys to the school's recent success.

He said: "It is important that the children want to learn so we need to foster their love of learning from the moment they arrive.

"We put a huge emphasis on making learning fun and I was delighted to hear the children telling Ofsted inspectors they enjoyed coming to school.

"We benefit from small class sizes and the links we have made with the community through the newly-opened children's centre which has enabled us to build on the success of the last few years.

"Historically we had problems with transient pupils and staffing, but with better consistency we have been able to develop the team and the children's skills to improve the results as shown."

Despite his league table placing, Mr Clucas is not convinced tables are the best way to judge a school.

He said: "League tables only show such a small picture of the overall package of the school.

"It is not just about maths, English and science. There are many people out there who have succeeded without those skills.

"We take part in outside events like the African drumming festival and have started our first school choir thanks to the Blackpool Music Service.

"We are working hard to increase the range of outside opportunities we can offer children.

"And emotional and social skills and being able to get along with each other are also vitally important things which we as a school need to help develop.

"Teaching is not an easy job and can be hard work but I love it and working with the children really does makes it the best job in the world."