Mad as a hatter for reading matter...

Ansdell Primary School character day (part of their book week).  From left, Ella, Harvey and Charlotte.
Ansdell Primary School character day (part of their book week). From left, Ella, Harvey and Charlotte.
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RAPUNZEL, The Cat In The Hat, Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter helped little readers turn over a new leaf in Book Week.

Pupils from Ansdell Primary school swapped their uniforms for fancy dress on Friday in a nod to their favourite book characters.

Imaginations ran riot as parents helped create scores of fairytale princesses, folklore heroes, wizards, witches, animals and even a giant peach.

The fancy dress day was part of a week of activities aimed at inspiring pupils to pick up a book and hopefully develop a love of reading. Claire Oaten, head teacher said: “We were really impressed with the huge effort our children went to with the fancy dress.

“We had Rapunzel complete with her castle, Jack with her Beanstalk and quite a few Cats in Hats.

“It shows how supportive our parents are of the school because the costumes were incredibly detailed, it’s really nice to have them involved.


“Staff dressed up too to take an active part in the week. We believe it is important children develop a love of reading and realise that as adults we love reading too.

“I hope it will be something they can keep with them in adulthood.”

The events were organised by school literacy co-ordinator Rachel Clements.

She arranged for a visiting book fair to come into school so children could browse a wide range of material with their parents and buy at discount prices.

They were also visited by children’s author Antony Lishak who spoke about how he began as a writer.

Mrs Oaten added: “Antony’s visit was good because it shows the children how reading and writing can be used in a real life context.

“It made them realise writing can be something you could do as a job, not just part of school work.

“We did lots of writing activities through the week which I hope they found inspiring, it was a really fun way to introduce them to new books.”

Hannah, 10 was dressed as Tweedle Dum from Alice In Wonderland. She said: “I loved getting to dress up, it was good fun and some of the costumes were really good.

“Both me and my friend dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland because we both really like the book.”

James, nine, added: “I really like reading anyway so it was good to have a book week. I came as The Tiger That Came For Tea, it was fun to see everybody dressed up.

“I like Enid Blyton books best.”