Legal threat mum’s plea over ‘bullies’

Tracey Hamilton with daughter Chloe Hamilton, 16 from St George's School
Tracey Hamilton with daughter Chloe Hamilton, 16 from St George's School
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A desperate mother today called for more help from school bosses after being told she could be prosecuted for allowing her daughter to skip school.

Tracey Hamilton says her 16-year-old daughter Chloe has missed vital time at school in the run up to taking her GCSEs because of constant bullying, which she claims has even seen her self-harm.

After being issued with a letter warning her about the consequences of Chloe’s, and 13-year-old brother Jordan’s, absences, the 41-year-old has called for the school to do more to address the bullying.

Transcripts from social networking sites, shown to The Gazette, show Chloe has been taunted online.

The family moved to the area from Scotland in March 2011, with the children joining the school that summer and Ms Hamilton taking up a job at Asda.

Ms Hamilton said: “They’re both being bullied, it’s happening in school and online.

“They have had some time off ill and I’ve doctors notes for that but the majority of the time they say they won’t go in because of the bullying.

“The other children are name calling, throwing stuff at them and getting them in headlocks.

“It breaks my heart. Chloe ended up in hospital last year because of it.”

Ms Hamilton claims her children are subjected to verbal and physical taunts including, she alleges, her son having his head bashed against walls and her daughter attacked on school transport, once by pupils pulling her hair and another time by a teen hitting her over the head with a ruler.

She added: “They’re throwing things at her and pulling her hair. I’ve hadother kids come up and rattle my car windows too telling me they want to fight Jordan.”

She added that Chloe has had to change her social networking sites after being subjected to vile name calling, with people taunting the teen with personal jibes and telling her to leave her school.

In a letter seen by The Gazette, Ms Hamilton asked the Cherry Tree Road school’s governors to help her to move her children to another school back in October, but she said the request was not approved.

However, school bosses today vowed to continue to work with the family in a bid to address their concerns.

St George’s School head teacher, Dan Berry, said: “We have worked tirelessly and very closely with the Hamilton family since their arrival in this area.

“This is an extremely complex case in which the school will continue to work with the family to resolve all of the issues.”

But Ms Hamilton has now been issued with a letter from Blackpool Council explaining she is at risk of prosecution if Chloe and Jordan’s attendance rates, at 84.8 per cent and 85 per cent respectively, do not improve.

She added: “It would destroy me if this went any further, it does get a bit scary getting the letter. I just want them to sort out the bullying.”

Under Government guidelines local authorities can issue school attendance orders and education supervision orders if a child fails to attend school regularly.

Penalty notices of £60-£120 can also be issued and ultimately parents can be prosecuted.