It all adds up after a great Numeracy Week

Medlar with Wesham CE Primary School pupils celebrating Numeracy Week
Medlar with Wesham CE Primary School pupils celebrating Numeracy Week
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‘Maths is fun!’ was the message sent out by Medlar with Wesham CE Primary School as it celebrated Numeracy Week.

The five-day maths extravaganza saw pupils take part in a range of fun and exciting activities.

Classes made 3D models of world records, including the world’s tallest man, biggest toe and largest bubblegum bubble.

And two maths magic shows explained to children how things that look like magic are in fact mathematically based tricks.

Headteacher Liz Astbury said: “It was superb. We had a huge variety of activities and games all based around numeracy. The children responded brilliantly.”

There was even a maths Olympics event for Key Stage One pupils.

The children had to complete maths games to score points to win their maths Olympic event.

Eden Chambers Baxter, six, said: “I liked it when we kicked the ball into the goal to score points and then added them up.”

The primary school had a visit from Carr Hill High School as well, with the maths department staff going to the school on Garstang Road North, Wesham, to play maths based games.

There were treasure hunts, pass the maths parcel and a Christmas shopping budget bonanza. Pupils enjoyed learning about origami, folding paper into both 2D and 3D shapes.

Thomas Edmondson, eight, said: “The card game was fantastic because we were learning by playing a game with cards on a computer.”

The week showed the children that numeracy is not something to be worried about.

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