Hotbed of talent takes its new music national

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BUDDING musicians are getting a taste of stardom by showcasing their work on a specialist national website.

Students at Carr Hill High School in Kirkham have been recording their own tracks and sharing music in their very own studios.

The Year 9 boys in Carr Hill's new music studio

The Year 9 boys in Carr Hill's new music studio

Music lovers can forget Abbey Road, or even Memphis’ Sun Studios, as Kirkham’s facility has is its own hotbed of fresh young artists, according to music teacher Sunny Gally.

Despite only joining the school a matter of months ago, he has proved a source of inspiration to would-be recording artists.

And the local community can tune in to listen to musical offerings of pupils by logging on to

Numu is a safe community for young people to showcase their music, collaborate, compete and develop their talent.

Mr Gally said: “This is a great way of sharing music and it gives students a real chance to do something different.

“The main thing about music is having the ability to perform, if you’re going to do that, you need to record.

“We’ve got really talented students from Years 7 to 13 and they should share their talents with each other.”

Many pupils from the Royal Avenue school are giving up their lunchtimes to be in the music department working on their material.

And boys from Year 9 have found themselves at the centre of new-found popularity after performing at a recent school assembly.

Mr Gally added: “The fact other people can listen online is great. It’s a fantastic way for students to get their music out there and it’s a real confidence boost. Everyone who’s taking part in this should be really proud of themselves.

“We’ve got students doing covers and we’ve got others writing and recording their own material. I am very impressed with the standard.”

Jess Coulthurst, from Year 11 has composed the music, written the lyrics and performs her song, Say Something on the numu site.

She said: “Being able to upload your music is really good. You get feedback from other people and it’s great your song is recognised.

“The piece I’ve written is actually for my GCSE but it’s on the website too, so that’s really good exposure.”

The Year 9 boys including drummer Kieran Chauhan, bassist Robert Grant, lead guitar Matt Bamber and Jacob Egglestone on vocals, has also given the studio a thumbs up.

Kieran said: “We’ve always wanted to do something like this, so now that we can it’s great. It’s good to be able to form a proper band and when you get it right it feels brilliant.”

Vocalist Jacob added: “It can make you a bit nervous, but I enjoy it. It was great to be able to perform at an assembly and I can definitely feel I’m getting more confident.”