Head calls for league table scrapping

Stephen Winkley - head of Rossall
Stephen Winkley - head of Rossall
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A HEADTEACHER has called for league tables to be scrapped saying they have turned British schools into “educational battery farms”.

Dr Stephen Winkley from Rossall school slammed the current system following the publication of the GCSE tables this week.

He has now called on Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove to reforms the education sector if he wants to attract more people into teaching.

He told The Gazette: “I’ve always hated league tables and resent the conclusions drawn from them.

“If we continue to run schools in order to do well in league tables, it would be like battery farming.

“This utter focus on producing A* eggs isn’t why any of us joined the profession.

“The emphasis on a traditional academic curriculum for all children to satisfy the needs of a school’s league table position is absurd.

The Government has introduced a broader range of benchmarks this year, including details on how much schools spend on catering and energy saying he wants parents to “Go Compare” schools.

Dr Winkley added: “We’ve lost the focus of why we educate people - to help them develop as people, while being mindful of their unique skills and attributes.

“This one size fits all education and obsession with league placing is not working for the benefit of children.”

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