Hard work pays off for relieved pupils

Jane Hardy-Jones and Luke Pepper compare A-Level results
Jane Hardy-Jones and Luke Pepper compare A-Level results
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It was a day to remember for hundreds of A-Level students at Blackpool Sixth Form as they picked up exam results that help decide their future.

As the college celebrated its best ever results, there were plenty of sighs of relief as pupils discovered they had been accepted at their university of choice.

Students at Blackpool Sixth Form College pick up their A-Level results. 'Kayleigh Allen, Luke Fuentes Moreno, Sarah Ward, Michael Hodgkinson, 'Becky Brookes, Lucinda Campbell, Daniel Hanlon

Students at Blackpool Sixth Form College pick up their A-Level results. 'Kayleigh Allen, Luke Fuentes Moreno, Sarah Ward, Michael Hodgkinson, 'Becky Brookes, Lucinda Campbell, Daniel Hanlon

Jane Hardy-Jones, from Staining, is heading north to Lancaster after picking up an A* in geography, an A in biology and a B in English literature.

The 18-year-old said: “I am really, really pleased. I was really apprehensive about getting my results but I did try really heard throughout the two years.

“I am going to Lancaster University to study earth and environmental science.”

And she said the choice of subject was an easy one.

“I’m an eco warrior,” she added. “I care so much about the environment and I love geography so I wanted to carry on with it.

“It’s a four-year course with a year abroad and hopefully I will get to go to Australia.

“It will be amazing if I get the grades to go on it.”

Bethany Slater-Scott, from Cleveleys, plans to study psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University after getting the grades she was hoping for.

The 18-year-old got a distinction star in forensics and C grades in psychology and English language.

She said: “I’m interested in mental health and doing psychology is the best way to get me there.

“That’s what I want to do when I leave university.

“I found out this morning through UCAS that I was in uni – that takes away the initial fear when you get your results.”

But while she and many of her peers were out on the town celebrating last night, some will have to wait a little longer.

Kayleigh Allan, from Blackpool, is off to Liverpool Theatre School to study musical theatre after getting distinction stars in art, musical theatre and LAMDA as well as an A in drama.

She said: “I’m not 18 yet – my birthday is next week so I will celebrate my results then.”

Here are the full results

Six passes: N E Bentley, M Brewer, K Chard, N D Clews, E L Clowes, K F Drake, P Evans, R N Gooch, N A H Heminsley, R M Hopkinson, K Hufton, L E Jenkinson, C Kray, L I M Lake, J Mason, M D McCabe, L E North, G P Osborne, L S Pownall, A Roberts, R J Robinson, C S Spindler, J Trainor, D Wardle, R B Williams.

five Passes: J C Aldred, K R Allan, D C Arthur, S V Atha, S H Atkinson, S Bailey, M S Barnes, A J Beaumont Ford, A D Bell, M V A Bennett, N R Bennett, C E Bond, L S Bonsell, N Booth, L K Bowling, S P M Bradley, J Bremner, R L Brookes, K Brown, S J Brown, J Burrell, K R Burrell, B Burrows, J T E Buttriss, E K Byrne, G Calafiore, C A Candy, T Cantrell, M J Carr, A D Cassidy, E Castles, A Catlin, V J Champion, B Charnock, A Chen, E Cheng, A E Clayton, L J Colwell, J Coulburn, Z J Cross, J A Czada, N E G Dagger, M Davidson, M Davies, J A Dixon, A M Doughty, J Doughty, A Drabble, S P Dunstan, S E Eaves, C E Edwards, A G Eland, J R Ellis, E L Fairhead, L J Fairhead, M Fairhurst, M Fairhurst, N Falkingham, D L Faulkner, S K Ferguson, A Fletcher, O N Freeman, D D Gallagher, K A Gallagher, C Gillanders, J T Gooch, D Gosling, C D Gotto, A E R Griffiths, K Hamer, J M Hardy-Jones, S Harrison, A G Hartley, C E Heald, E Hill, J A Hirst, A J Holden, M S Horsfield, B Hudson, L M Hughes, L Hurley, L M Hurley, S Husband, L Hyde, I Hynd, C Jackson, H Jackson, D C James, J A Jefferson, A E Johnson, A M H Johnson, G H Johnston, B L Jones, D C Jones, A Jones Wright, H R Judge, L N Kapa, B A Kay, C J Kiernan, B J Kirby, J S Knowles, A L Laine, B Latherman, T L Lau, A A Lawrence, J F Leatherbarrow, G Lenoir, A Leonard, F H Lindsay, R Liversidge, R Lobley, H Lomas, C M D Lomax, D Lopez Arbelo, S R Mackin, K T Mah, D J Mangnall, W Manning, M F McCaskill, A McKell, R McLean, J C McQuillan, G M Molloy, B J Molyneaux, C R Moorhouse, R L Moran, E Morgan, H R Morris, A L Moutrey, I J Moutrey, C M Mullaney, S Mullaney, W Neilson, M Ney, J Nickson, C J Oatley, E L Owen, J P Pagen, B Parker, C Parker, J D Parker, L A Parkinson, O Platt, H J Purdom, A Quiambao, A Radcliffe, J A Radcliffe, J C Radcliffe, L Radcliffe, D J Radford, O M Ralph, E Reed, C L Rice, J O M Rigby, A R Riley, G Robinson, M T Robison, C R Roper, C L Rossall, N Rowcliffe, E S Sanderson, B M Saunders, N D Schofield, D K Scott, O M Seed, A Sethi, N E Shackleton, H Sharman, E S E Sharp, A M Sheffield, L R Simons, M M Simpson, O J Smith, T W Smith, J Squirrell, H J Storey, S E Straub, W A Sypnicka, N S Szepecko, N A J Talbot, V E Tennant, J T Thomas, D L Thompson, B M Thornton, A L Tickle, M P Tyler Jones, M Valentine Lynden, A C Vanson, E W Walsh, R A S Warburton, J W Watkins, B O Watson, C F Wei, C Y P Wilding, H Wilson, N B Wilson, W K Wong, R E Wood, M A Wright.

Four passes: J Abram, I J Ackerley, R S M Addenbrooke, C L Ainsworth, L Alcock, S Alexander, R C Allen, V Allen, K Allen Rogers, T D Anderson, J Andrews, B Armes, A Arnold, B P Ashford, K R Ashpool, L E Astbury, J Atkin, M A Aylen, J Aziz, A Bailey, C J Baines, E Bamber, L M Bamber, C E M Banks, M Banks, B T E Barker, P R S Barker, J C Barr, M Barr, S W E Barrow, M Barsby, C L Beanland, L M Beaumont, A J Beckett, N J Beeby, V Beesley, A Bell, W Bellamy, C Bennett, J K Benson, L E Bentley, D C Berry, K E Berry, P W Bialka, A N Billington, J H Birch, K Bithell, H Black, J M Bolton, S C Booth, C Bornand, K A Boyce, J E Boyne, A Bradley Johnson, B L Bradshaw, E G Bradshaw, E L Bradshaw, J Bramhall, D Brett, R Brickman, H J Brill, T M Brindle, A J Brown, J L Brown, M J Brown, O Buchanan, S L Burnell, L G Burns, G S Burrows, H W Bursnoll, J E Butler, A L Butterworth, L A Cairns, H J Carroll, L Carter, R Caygill, M G Cetrulo, M P Chadwick, S H Chan, K Cheshire, J Cholmondeley, E Clark, L I Clark, J Clarke, C Clayton, E Coleman, L N Compston, J Connolly, A Cooper, G Corry, G Creighton, S J Cross, T Crowley, C H Crowther, L Crozier, L A Csesznyak, D Cunnah, J Curran, P Currey, E Curtis, R Darley, L Darlington, R D Darvill, E Davies, R Davies, J J De Burgh Hemming, D De La Warr, S J Denton, J D Doherty, N Z Doidge, B K Donoghue, S Dowle, K A Drummond, J Duckworth, J Duckworth, R A C Duffy, M D Dunlop, W Durose, J Dutton, L Duxbury, J E Eccles, S P Edmondson, J Edwards, B L Egan, H L Eldershaw, K S I Elton, S G England, C G English, E L Entwistle, S Errico Moon, S J Evans, H J Evanson, C H Farrell, J N E Fearnley, B N Fellows, C J Fisher, A H Fleckney, L Floweth, K P Foran, L J Foy, J D Francis, M Gawert, C A George, L Gilbert, S Gillgrass, K R Gittins, R Glennerster, J L Gosling, D J Gough, C M Gradwell, L K Gray, J J Green, H I Griffin, J M Griffin, R Griffin, S E Gwilt, A D Hails, J Hails, J Hales, K Hallsworth, A Hamadi, D K Hamilton, S J V Hancox, B Hankey, E Hardingham, C Harman, R M Harrison, E Hart, J Hasan, O Hawkins, C L Hay, J Haysom, A L Heap, C Heron, M Hewitt, M J Heywood, J M Higgs, S M Hodgin, A E Hogg, A E Holt, S R Holt, E J Horn, H M Hornby, D L Howarth, J S Howarth, V Hristov, R Huddleston, D Hughes, E W Hughlock, N J Hull, T Hutson, W T J Hutt, C L Ingham, R V M Ioannou, I Islam, A J Jackson, C Jackson, S L J Jackson, J Jackson Young, A S James, C James, N R Javanpey, K Jeffcoate, O M Johnson, T L Johnson, L P Johnson-Allen, E V Johnston, C E Jones, C P Jones, M L Jones, H Jordan, L Judge, J S Kaewpila, B Kearns, M Keel, A M Keen, G N Kelsall, K A Kerr, M T I Khan, K B Kinder, S M Kirby, L Knight, H F Laird, S T P Lam, C L Lander, K L Lawson, L A Laycock, G F L Lee, Y Li, C J Littlewood, S L Lloyd, G M Loftus, H N Mabunda, B F MacCormac, C Mackenzie, W T Mallinder, H Marti-Challinor, J J D Martin, A Matczuk, M Mayor, R L S Mcalister, K McCabe, J R McClements, H G McDonald, L McDonnell, R M McGovern, H T McGowan, K McKennell, S J McNeill, C A B Meichan, B Melling, R Middleton, K L Miller, S E Mills, H A Morcos, C Morley, C J Morrall, C S Morten, H M Moseley, K Moss, G A Motley, B E Moxon, F H Moyle, M Mullender, K S Murray, S Myerscough, A Naden, C Neave, C L Needham, H J Norris, S J Norton, M M A Nurulmomin, M A O’Kane, K L Ogden, D J Olsson, L A Overing, B J Owen, C Parkinson, R A Parkinson, J L Parr, H E Parry, J H Partington, H R Patel, S W Paterson, C J Patterson, M L Patterson, E Pavlopoulos, V C Peacock, C J Pearce, N C J Pearson, L A J Pedersen, L J Pegler, D L Pemberton, S Z Peppas, L Pepper, L D Pepper, N K Persaud, A G Petterson, E Petterson, T Pollard, S Porter, A M Pritchard, M M Pritchard, I J Proctor, R Pyatt, A H Quarmby, S Quigley, D Radcliffe, K P Radzanowski, R L Raffan, L Ramsden, N Ratcliff, B P Reader, N Reddy, L Redfern, S L Rees, A Reid, N Reid, H J Remmett, L J Richardson, T Richmond, T M Richmond, L Rigby, T A Rimmer, M Riz, A E Roberts, C Roberts, E K Robertson, A L Robinson, H R Robinson, H S Rodgers, J C Rodriguez Minguet, O Roe, C Rogers, L Rogers, T A Rogers, T Rolinson, V A Rowe, T Rowland, N D Royle, S J Ruddlesdin, A M Sagar, L Sanderson, E J Savage, H J Savage, J Scaife Seixas, A Scott, D Secker, M G Shah, S Shah, L Shaw, D Shepherd, M O Shepherd, J C Sherlock, C Shreeve, K Shukla, V F Shuttleworth, A H Sieradzki, K A Simmonds, K Simms, L R Singleton, S J Singleton, D E Skeen, C M Skinner, B Slater Scott, B W Smith, D A J Smith, H L Smith, J B Smith, J K Smith, L Smith, M W Smith, S L Smith, S R Smith, V J Smith, E L Smytheman, D P Southern, J H Speight, K I Spencer, L Squires, S J Stone, J G Stote, E Stott, D A Stubbs, L S Stuchfield, J G Sullivan, E Sumner, H Sumner, S S Sumner, G Sutton, E R Swann, T J Swift, H Tanner, N S E Tanner, E P Tattersall, C Taylor, C A Taylor, H Taylor, J Taylor, R E Taylor, H Teece, B Thomas, C F Thompson, M A Thompson, E L Thornton, F W Thorpe, C O Tierney, D C Timmins, H Timmins, T Tipton, C J Todd, J Tonge, T C Toomey, C Tsang, A Tudor, O B Twitchett, S Unsworth, C E Wade, J Wadsworth, R L Walford, A Walker, G Walker, H Walker, A Warburg Osman, J D Warburton, C J Ward, S Ward, A Weavill, A Webber, M R Webster, N S Webster, A Welch, R J Wellard, C L Wharton, D J Whitaker, B White, K J Whitehead, P Whitehead, Z E Whitehead, Z J Wild, E J Wilkes, D C Wilkin, E J Williams, J R Williams, K A Williams, R Williams, L J W Willman, C T Willoughby, A L Wilson, K J Wilson, L J Wilson, S N Wilson, C L Wing, L M Witter, A J Woodhead, C R S Woolhouse, A B Wrabel, C Wright, C E Wright, J Wright, L Wright, H F Wu, M L Wynn, A L W Yates, J A W Yates, L E Yeoman, R Yianni.

Three passes: B Acton, H Airton, L J Alston, C J D Anderson, L Andrews, V J Anstess, A Aounallah, L R Apperley, A Apps, B A Armer, L A Atkinson, S L Atkinson, V J Ball, A L Banks, L M Bannister, L J Barcock, G L Barton, A J Beadie, C M Beatson, C E R Beighton, J Bellew, A M Billing-Parker, S G Bird, A Blundell, M J Boland, M Bone, K Bower, L A Boyne, C A Bradley, L Bradley, C Bridson, G Bristow, M C Brooks, G Brown, L Buklagina, A Burdfield, S Burgess, T A Burwell, C A Bustin, M Canham, T Y Carlton, S S Carr, H L Cassidy, J D Casson, P K Chabba, C Cheetham, L Clark, R E Clarke, N M Clegg, B Coates, M F Collins, C E M Copeland, C Crabtree, R Croughan, S Cubitt, J Cumpsty, G A Cunningham, E J D’arcy, A Dale Smith, J L Danbury, N L Darlington, H L Darville, M L Davies, B Davison, R K L Dennett, A Ditchfield, C H Divall, J L D Dixon, F S Docherty, L G Dollin, O Dollin, S R S Dootson, P L Drummond, A Duckworth, C Eastwood, S Evans, A A Farran, H S Ferguson, D J J Fielding, L E Fleming, A Flint, L A Fuentes Moreno, A M Garcia-Hierro, E Garside, C Gauld, R E Glover, M I Godsiff, G S Golam, G H Greenwood, O G Greenwood, O Greenwood Taziker, L Griffin, H K Grundy, C J Hadgraft, D G Haines, J Hall, K E V Hall, C Hallam, D L Hanlon, D T Hanlon, B Hare, B J Harris, C D Harris, D L Harris, W C A Harris, B Haslehurst, R E Hatcher, C A Hathaway, G Heckman, O Hedley, J G Hesketh, T Higson, M A Hill, M G Hodgson, J O Holmes, S P Horrocks, A Houldsworth, B R Howarth, E Hughes, A Hulston, M J Hunt, A T Hutchins, A M Hutchinson, T Ilieva, A B Ingham, M J Ingleby, C Jackson, T E James, R Jebson, S M Jones, C D Jowett, J Kaziniece, J M Keogh, S Khanum, C M Kirk, C Knight, L Lagzda, S W Langford, C Law, S R Leach, B Lee, M L Lewis, N Lomas, J A Long, K Lougov, C Lynch, B Mackenzie, T J Markland, L Mayor, H R McCandless, C R McCauley, D McCombie, L McCully, N R McFadden, C T McMillan, S C Mcneil, M J Mellor, C Mellor Livesey, E S Mendina, C R Miles, L A Milewicz, L J Moffat, A Molloy, L H Molloy, G M Montgomery, I M E Murtagh, E Naden, K Naughton, A G Nicholson, Z N Norbury, R J O’Toole, L L H Oberbeck, C Ogilvie, A Oldham, J Ormerod, S Ouchene, D Parker, J Parker, E B Parkin, E J Parkinson, K Parsons, R E Payne, S K Payne, M Pearson, D G Perkes, E J Phelps, R J Phillips, M D Piper, C V E Pogson, C Radford, B J Raistrick, J Randles, N J Rayner, E E Reader, A N Reid, C I T Robbins, E Roberts, K E Roberts, B Robertson, Z A Royle, E Sadler, M T Sampey, N Sayers, J Scott, D M J Seed Webster, L M Shaw, T Shaw, V M Sheehan, O C Sheldon, E Shepherd, R V Shepherd, D Shuttleworth, J E Singer, B L Singleton, D Singleton, G V Smallman, J Smith, J D Smith, K M Smith, L E Smith, R E Smith, T Squirrell, A S Stapleton, R M Storey, B S Strother, B Summers, K R Summers, D C Szymczyk, V B Talens, B J Taylor, T J Taylor, A M Thomas, S E L Threlfall, F R Todd, P Tolliday, C M Tonge, L A Tracey, C Traynor, C L Waggett, E L Walker, A L Wallbank, A D Walsh, E M Walsh, A S Wandre, A F Ward, B J K Webster, H Whetton, C White, D J White, M V Whitehead, A L Whitelaw, R Whittaker, S Willetts, O Williams, T Williams, J M Wilson, B J Withers, B H R Wood, M K Woodman, R Woods, J Wright, R Young, E Zazzu.

Two passes: C L Baker, S L Doyle, G L Fleming, A T McCabe, J McDermott, D Simone.