From football pies to the Ivy League...

Lucinda Denney (below), 17, of Harrow Avenue, Fleetwood, has been given a four year scholarship at Yale University, USA.
Lucinda Denney (below), 17, of Harrow Avenue, Fleetwood, has been given a four year scholarship at Yale University, USA.
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A FLEETWOOD teenager will follow in the footsteps of former presidents of the United States when she embarks on an adventure across the pond.

Blackpool Sixth Form College student Lucinda Denney, 17, has been awarded a four year scholarship to study at Yale University – the old stomping ground of Bill Clinton and George Bush Snr.

Lucinda Denney

Lucinda Denney

The Ivy League institution has granted Lucinda £60,000 to study at her dream university after she successfully sat the entry examinations in London.

She said: “It’s not sunk in yet because it’s something I didn’t think was going to happen because the acceptance rates are so low.

“This is something I never imagined would happen, but I knew I wanted to go there because of the whole university’s atmosphere.

“They focus on a lot of extra curricular activities and for the first two years I’m out there I don’t have to pick just one subject to study.

Lucinda admits the experience will be a far cry from life in Fleetwood.

The former Cardinal Allan pupil is currently studying her A-Levels in French, English Literature, Classical Civilisation, Economics and Critical Thinking and serves pies and burgers to fans at Fleetwood Town’s Highbury stadium in her spare time.

Once she gets to her Connecticut-based home she is eager to travel during her four years abroad.

She added: “It will be a big change to Fleetwood but I’m looking forward to doing what I haven’t had the time to do recently.

“I used to do a lot of dancing and horse riding, so I’ll get the chance to do that on a social level.”

Lucinda was guided through the exams and application process by the Sutton Trust – an organisation which gives students from deprived areas the opportunity to study half way across the world.

She added: “It’s social expansion because there’s a lot of people, especially in Fleetwood, who don’t think they are worthy of studying somewhere like this.

“It’s an amazing opportunity.”

Charlotte Vale, Lucinda’s tutor at sixth form college, said: “We are very proud of Lucinda.

“She is an amazing young lady and deserves this fantastic opportunity.

“Lucinda is testament to the fact that with hard work, determination and the right support, anything is possible.”