Flipping great –it’s pancake day!

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THERE was an afternoon of flipping messy fun at Anchorsholme Primary as children warmed up for pancake day.

Batter was flying far and wide at the East Pines Drive school as Year 6 children armed with frying pans attempted a successful flip.

Pancake making at Anchorsholme Primary School

Pancake making at Anchorsholme Primary School

But sadly, although many pancakes ended up on the floor – pupils enjoyed some valuable practise ahead of tonight’s main event.

Georgia Loman, 10 said: “I was quite scared about trying to flip my pancake wrong but I did manage to do it.

“It was fun watching other people try to flip too, I’ll be having pancakes at home with syrup and sugar.”

Classmate Jadan Raina added: “I totally failed at my first flipping attempt and my pancake ended up on the floor.

“I got the hang of it after a while however and managed to catch my pancakes so I could eat them.”

Headteacher, Graeme Dow said: “The children love pancake day and we always have a demonstration in assembly so children get to try flipping.

“It is a messy day with many pancakes on the floor, but the children are always buzzing with excitement afterwards.”