Feeding our flapping pals

Katy Hughes and Molly West and (below) John Gilman and Ewan Sayers.
Katy Hughes and Molly West and (below) John Gilman and Ewan Sayers.
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Saucepans, spoons and bottles have been put to good use by a group of schoolchildren... to help feed the birds.

Pupils at Northfold Community Primary School, in Cleveleys, have been using old odds and ends to provide nourishment to feathered friends who land on school grounds.

John Gilman and Ewan Sayers.

John Gilman and Ewan Sayers.

The bird feeders have been built as part of a new project to help make the school, on Ringway, more environmentally friendly.

Among the children to build a feeder was seven-year-old John Gilman, from Cumberland Avenue, Cleveleys.

Describing how he made his feeder, John said: “I just got a bottle and spoons and things, which were bent and cracked.

“I had a bottle cork and an old washing up bottle and an old coathanger.”

John says his favourite type of bird is the seagull, adding: “I think they already ate some because it was full and now it’s half-empty.”

Fellow pupil Emily Roberts, eight, was also among the 45 children to build feeders.

Emily, from Berwick Avenue, Cleveleys, said: “It was a saucepan and I used some leaves to decorate it so it’s more camouflaged.”

Emily’s favourite type of bird is the robin.

She added: “I’ve found out they like nests made out of twigs and my grandad was telling me about where they live.

“They live up in high trees and sometimes in bushes.

“Birds deserve to be looked after.”

The bird feeder designs will now be judged by rangers from Wyre Estuary Country Park with a winner announced tomorrow.

The school also hopes to plant more trees in its grounds as part of its eco project.

Year One teacher Amy Tindall, who is co-ordinating the project, said: “We thought we’d try and attract more birds other than gulls.

“The weather at the moment’s not attracting many birds but hopefully when it improves we’ll see more.

“It’s made the children aware that the birds need to be fed all year round and not just something done at one time of year – and it’s also made a lot of them realise that an old bottle doesn’t need to be thrown away.”

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