Dozens left ill as sickness bug hits Blackpoolprimary school

Baines Endowed
Baines Endowed
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More than 100 staff and pupils were absent from a Blackpool school after the outbreak of a sickness bug.

Schoolchildren and teachers at Baines Endowed Primary School in Penrose Avenue, Marton, were laid low by the illness which affected one-in-five pupils.

Jo Snape, headteacher of the 500 pupil school, said anyone with symptoms of the bug were asked to stay at home as the school worked to stop the spread of the infection.

She added: “Last week, more than 100 staff and pupils were off school during the week with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea going around our pupils and our staff, which unfortunately 
did disrupt some of our lessons.

“In line with guidance for infection control in schools we asked everyone with symptoms to stay at home for 48 hours until the bug had passed, in an attempt to stop it from spreading even further.”

Miss Snape said though the bug was unpleasant, all staff and children were back at school yesterday.

Dr Arif Rajpura, Blackpool’s director of public health added: “It’s the time of year when nasty bugs can go around schools, work places and communities.

“These types of infections are usually self-limiting and most people make a recovery within one to two days.

“It is important that 
anyone with symptoms stays off from school or work for 
48 hours after symptoms 
have ceased to avoid spreading the infection to others.

“Good hand hygiene is vital in stopping the spread of infection but alcohol gels cannot be relied upon as these do not kill the virus.”