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Julian Wilde new pic
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Columnist Julian Wilde shares his views

I very much doubt whether my elderly neighbour who is nearly blind and lives alone is looking forward to October 31.

Unfortunately my words in this column several years ago have been exactly correct.

I predicted that soon we would be awash with Happy Halloween cards and a quick google search now reveals dozens of adverts saying Send spirited wishes to greet the season with our assortment of Halloween cards.

Say ‘Happy Halloween’ to little trick-or-treaters with cute designs for kids.

Halloween has become as a national institution and I hate it.

I personally think spooks, ghosts, witches and warlocks are a complete waste of time – but that’s just my opinion.

But am I wrong in thinking that it may not be a good concept to allow children to go out on a dark evening and threaten the vulnerable pensioners with a broken window or eggs all over the front door unless they cough up some dosh – never mind sweets or apples, money only?

This year pumpkins have been on sale from the middle of September (presumably to make sure that they are not overwhelmed by the Christmas rush).

So whilst you’re carving your personal pumpkin, painting your face green and buying some plastic fangs, just spare a thought for those living on their own who on October 31st turn all their lights off and go to bed to avoid the dreaded knock on the door from little beggars.