Drunkard’s hammer threat to brother

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Crime news
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A drunken man who turned up outside his brother’s home threatened his relative and another male with a hammer.

Paul Murray brandished the weapon at his brother, who retreated back into his home.

He also threw a punch at another man.

Murray, 42, of Albert Road, Blackpool had pleaded guilty to affray on May 6 in Westmorland Avenue, Blackpool.

Sarah Johnston, prosecuting at Preston Crown court, said Colin Murray was at home that afternoon with two friends when he heard a man’s voice shouting outside. He saw it was his brother and another man.

Colin Murray went out and gave the man a small amount of money which he owed him.

Miss Johnston told the court: “As the money changed hands the defendant became aggressive and abusive towards his brother and threatened to smash his head in with a hammer.”

A hammer was tucked inside the waistband of the defendant’s trousers.

At the time of the offence Murray had been placed on a community order the previous month.

Chris Hudson, defending, said: “It is probably more by luck than judgement that the hammer was not used and nobody was hurt.

“If you send him to prison, he will be out within a comparatively short period of time, with no supervision and probably no accommodation, The real risk will be of him immediately relapsing into alcohol abuse and coming back again before the courts.”

Murray was given 15 months prison, suspended for two years.