Drug worker’s fears over rehab closure

Pierpoint House in St Annes and (below) Matt Idle who attended the rehabilitation unit.
Pierpoint House in St Annes and (below) Matt Idle who attended the rehabilitation unit.
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DRUG workers and recovering addicts have said they have been left feeling saddened after a rehabilitation unit suddenly closed.

Pierpoint House, on Clifton Drive North, St Annes, announced its closure last week after entering administration due to lack of referrals.

Matt Idle

Matt Idle

Now many recovering alcoholics and addicts say they have been left worrying about the future of St Annes’ recovery community.

Drug workers say they cannot understand the centre’s apparent lack of referrals when they had clients waiting to use its services.

Matt Idle, a drug worker at Kirkham prison and recovering addict who went through rehabilitation at Pierpoint six years ago, said: “It has saved a lot of lives.

“People in St Annes have lost their support group now it has closed. I had a prisoner due to go there in a few weeks.”

Mr Idle said the closure will have an impact on people in recovery on the Fylde coast.

It is feared they will no longer be able to get the same help they need due to number of addicts in recovery in the area falling because of the closure.

He added: “Pierpoint used to feed new people into St Annes’ recovery community, it kept that momentum going and always had that buzz about new people getting help. Recovery works by helping new people.”

One man, who asked not to be named, was in the third stage of his recovery with Pierpoint House, living independently with support from rehab staff, when it closed.

He said: “I was there when it closed down, it happened quite quick. Nothing was explained to me personally.

“One man, from the Isle of Man, he had funding for quite some time but he just had to go home. I imagine it will be quite stressful for him.

“Pierpoint has done a lot for me, it’s the only rehab that has worked for me. The treatment and staff are second to none. I’m really sad it has closed.”

Drug workers said there are now fears addicts could face setbacks in their recovery due to the disruption and sudden move to another facility.

Mr Idle added: “People there will have just started to trust counsellors, it could be quite detrimental to their recovery. But Pierpoint did everything they could.”

John Grady, director of Pierpoint, said: “I can understand people’s disappointment, shock and anger.

“We are in negotiations with serious parties, who value the work of Pierpoint, with a view to it continuing and reopening.

“I don’t want to make any promises, but I am doing my best.

“I am hopeful that staff issues will be resolved, which is only right and proper.”

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